Killing a pedophile slowly

today , i got a really and serious information… i found out that my girfriend who is 18 years has been raped and spanked by his fucking step father since when she was 11 years and ,he does not her allow to do anything, she didnt tell me details,but i have realized some marks on her body and… today she conffessed … that it hapens… but she does not want to tell me details. this motherfucker will be is screwed i was waiting for someone like this to use for the first time banefull magick, she said to me dont do anything , she begged to me dont do anything and she is going to move to her brother house, because i said… or you move or i will kill your step father…these days… Azazel was stuck in my mind, will be the first time i will be evoking him, , seems like King Belial is reviealing many things since i started to work with him,
this night black candles will be burned


Kill him faster.Bastard doesn’t deserve breathing.


i’ll delet the photo then

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thank you man

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Thank you,
that should be fine.

Just stick to neutral references from now on,
unless it’s in PM, please.

Thank you.




Search for my spell to Andras.

Also, and I say this all the time - call Erzilie Dantor. She protects women and children from domestic abuse.


i didnt know about this thank you so much


Hera and pazuzu.


Very goo but one thing you must understand: divine justice is just that, divine justice and it cannot be flexed using any means. So you can try but don’t be surprised if there are knock-on effects that are as “bad” as what you are trying to resolve if not worse.


divine justice, is means waiting for some “bad karma” give him a punishment…
hm… i used to believe that but i dont believe anymore… since i started to study Ea koetting stuffs, and in the book of banefull magick, is told WE are God here , he when can heal or punish with any sort of curses. the concept of “karma” is missusdertood nowdays , i beliave that karma is attachment… in the case i be attached to it to much and think i did a bad thing, of course it can harm me soon or later. morals does not exist in the universe, we live in a world where moral is relative.


Yes, you’re right. Give it everything you’ve got and see how it plays out.

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