Killed and reborn in astral plane?

Last night, I was in a lucid dream. When I wind up in lucid dreams, instead of controlling them I usually let events unfold on their own and see where they take me. At one point in the middle of my dream, Azazel appeared and carried me to a place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wilderness and I believe on a different plane. It was a really old one-room building with a large altar in the center of the room. Belial was there too, watching us. It was somewhat like a tomb; but instead of housing dead bodies there was a really old, ancient energy being stored there. Azazel layed me down on the altar, there was fire somewhere though I cannot recall where, and drove a powerful ceremonial dagger that I could sense was filled with an ancient energy that was recently dormant straight through my heart and the whole world slipped into an empty nothingness, a void of some sort. When I awoke, I was alone laying on the altar with the dagger gone and no marks on me. I felt different, more powerful and returned to my activities prior to Azazel showing up. Something made me sense that the ancient energy in the tomb-like building was now released and activated. Throughout the rest of the dream, there were these creatures following me around, watching over me; they resembled a wolf and fox but larger with glowing eyes that were yellow or red. Everyone who saw them or was near them was instantly filled with terror, but I felt safe and strong with them near. What does it mean if you are killed and reborn on the astral plane, and has anyone experienced anything similar?


That’s a really interesting dream! Thanks for sharing it. I think this is one of those dreams that the more you work with it the more meaning you will pull out for yourself. Jot it down in a journal if you haven’t already. Deconstruct it symbolically.

The only other time I’ve heard of someone dreaming that they died on the astral plane they were simultaneously making big changes in their life and in a sense becoming a new person. So the old person dies in a sense.

Could mean that big changes are coming up for you that will turn you into a new version of yourself.

Hopefully that helps


I did a week with Shax and he was like, feel like a loser, not the same intense experiences, no big deal story? Well give up or, took his finger and made a heartbeat monitor thump thump, thump thump, flatline. He said, duh, duh die, burn, rise like a Phoenix. Your not a big deal. Just level two k-12. Belial was nice to you, Abbadon is next and you need to talk to him about the other dimensional versions of, well, you’ll see, but first you will have your worst fear kill you. Horrible nightmares, he was right. Then he gave me some info on week of work next invocation. Then he said, ha ha, you got killed by big nematodes ripping you open. Yeah, whole new respect for the guys amd gals writing grimores.