Kids picking on my step daughter

So my step daughter just started 6th grade and is doing ok in school but there are some kids she says that laugh and make fun of / disrespect her. I thought about a curse that could be put on them, nothing too harmful but something that would teach them to be more respectful (or fearful) of her. Maybe it’s not a curse that I’m looking for but more of a hard life lesson these evil little brats need to be taught. Or maybe just a hard lesson in compassion / love.

What would you suggest?

Protection rituals for her would probably work better. That or banishing spells… Cursing kids, even if it is light, just seems a bit too extreme and cruel

I may not have many moral absolutes but personally, I can’t ever condone the idea an adult cursing kids, and you don’t know what hell their home life might be either - a lot of bullies have learned their behaviour from cruel parents.

Empowering your own child to not be a target, for example making her more popular and charismatic (all easy goals for magick) and calling the awareness of the teachers to problem, seems more helpful.

barbarasboy did a really good post about this kind of thing here.

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Here’s a good idea,why not put a binding spell on them?

Here’s one that I’ve found effective,despite its unreliable source.

As has been explained,binding spells aren’t harmful,at least not harmful directly or intentionally,and they will keep the person away.

But making her more popular,helping her have more friends(and better friends!),and using magick to make her life better rather than the lives of her enemies worse is a good idea.

And spirits who can help you do both are Lucifer,and Hecate.Maybe Paimon as well,but really I’m gonna vouch for HEkate.

What is her relationship with magick?Just curious,if she wants to be the one to do all of this herself it’d be greater,but of course,I’m not supposed to encourage minors to practice magick(LOL!),and I’ve never done so(even bigger LOL!)

Also,it’s important not to focus on your enemies(this applies both to you and her and anyone reading this).If need be,bind them,keep them at bay,but don’t vie them any power over you two by feeding them worry and emotions.

She is in 6th grade!She has so many better things to do,because 6th grade is when you actually start learning interesting stuff in school(or maybe I just had a weird education),so reall her empire is only just being built,and yours too.

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I know this is an older post, but I wanted to respond. Arcane, excellent advice. I agree 100%.

When my youngest son was in middle school, he had to deal with some particularly nasty bullies. For his birthday, he asked if he could stay home, because he wanted just one day where he could be happy and not deal with these other boys. That absolutely broke my heart. I kept him home that day, and took a chance…

I normally keep the majority of my occult workings very private. I’ve always been mindful that children are sponges. I will have intellectual discussion about religion, magic, and spirituality, but I don’t want to put my opinions into their heads. It’s important to me that they choose their own path through their own journey in this life.

That being said, I went out to my back patio that day with my boy, and drew a circle. I got him a few things so he could visualize, and I did a ritual binding with with him. He made a small effigy, put it in a box, and bound these bullies with thick black ribbon and a pretty potent ritual. I gave him the power to undo the binding if he ever felt like he needed to.

The bullying soon stopped. My son became much happier and walked with more enthusiasm in his step. That day in our back yard, he took control of his destiny.

That box stayed in his room on top of his bookshelf for years. Last year, he graduated high school and went away to basic training in the military. Before he left, we packed up his things. He gave me the box and asked me to keep it for him. Told me it was an important part of his childhood, and he wanted me to keep it safe.

I knew I had done the right thing. We have to protect our babies. It’s important for us to give them the tools to control their lives. Sometimes, that means dusting their world with a bit of magic. :wink:

You can also do protective work

A talisman for your child

Stuff like that

That’s AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Freezer Spell along with the protection. If that doesn’t work, then curse them.

kids can be evil.

i wouldn’t do any type of curse on kids, that’s abusive. there are other ways to deal with the problem.

sun tzu wrote the book on combat and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. there are a few spells you can try based on his advice:

‘if you outnumber the enemy ten to one, surround them.’ you do this by doing a spell for adults to monitor your child’s safety, catch the perpetrators in the act, and punish them on the spot. you can also do some type of bindwork on them to defang them without hurting them. some type of stop gossip with some other type of spell to stop them from bullying or fighting and take away their aggression.

‘if you outnumber them five to one, attack them.’ you generally do this by going to higher authority and doing a spell to gain the favor of older kids who will step in and defend your baby.

‘if you outnumber them two to one, divide them.’ you can do this with a disharmony spell, so they fight each other and leave your child alone. you can also do some type of reversing ritual to make whatever they tried to do to your baby rebound onto themselves as a warning not to go further.

‘if you are equal, then find an advantageous battle.’ you can do this with vampirism, draw energy from them into your child unbeknownst to them.

‘if you are fewer, defend against them.’ you can do this with a reversing spell or some type of confusion work on them. you can also do something along the lines of an i can you can’t deal where your baby beats them in every contest or verbal sparring they do.

‘if you are much weaker, evade them.’ you can do this with an invisibility spell so they ignore your baby.