Kids / demon work

Hi guys,

As a mom i get desparate when my boy does not want to work at school. He is not focus and uninterested in learning…
But he is young and has to focus damnit! #exhausted

Did anyone of you already worked with Vapula to focus on studying?
i am not gonna put a spell on my kid, but we will call Vapula together for that purpose.

what do you think?


Vapula is absolutely awesome.

Go for it.


Huge thank you :grinning:

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Great, he’s a healthy male child! :wink:

Schools are pretty fucked up, especially for boys.

I’m just posting these because he’s in a broken system, like all kids, and you have every right to be proud they haven’t broken him yet.

Maybe do some work, as well as the demon stuff, with Thoth to inspire a passion for some subject in him, that will carry him through the meat-grinder without hating it and lashing out, or becoming too crushed, and that will benefit him in later life as well.


thank you very much :slight_smile: