Khat's Journey

I have been practicing my meditation for a while now, working on opening all of my chakras, especially my third eye. Tonight I switched it up and instead of opening each chakra, I envisioned opening Lucifer’s sigil at each chakra. @C.Kendall described this mediation in one of his posts, and I am so grateful that I happened upon it. I have never felt more exhilarated after meditating. It’s not nervous energy, but energy. Right now it’s hard for me to describe. I FELT his presence. After pulling myself out of that state, which was difficult to do because it was just so euphoric, it was like my ears were ringing. They usually only ring like that after a powerful orgasm. I believe I’ll be practicing this meditation for a while to help strengthen the connection!


I’m glad you found it useful my dear.


I can sense great potential in you


Keep pursuing your ascenion


This could be 100% unrelated but for those of you who don’t know, I sleep WAY too much. Like if I don’t have an alarm set to wake me up, I’ll sleep 10-13hrs like it’s nothing. And then still be cranky and want to sleep the rest of the day away. Today I woke up on my own, energized and motivated. I was asleep roughly 7.5-8hrs. I just knew I had to get up and had this calling to meditate before work, where as my normal routine is once I get home because everything is more quiet then.

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Good job…and a right proper start to entering this realm. Just remember to take rests from time to time so you dont burn out. :heart::heart::heart:


So as listed in another post tonight, today is my birthday and a New Moon. I am overly excited to have something like this fall on my birthday, obviously. So today was fine, I took a trip with the hubby to Asheville, NC and looked around at some shops/what not. I tried to come home and lay down and I suddenly became overwhelmed with nervous anxiety and energy. Like I’m 5 years old and tomorrow is Christmas energy.

I knew something good was coming to me. For about 2 hours I couldn’t get myself to sit down and meditate, even though something was urging me to.

So I finally got settled and meditated using the Lucifer meditation mentioned above, and this time I saw him. He presented himself as a dark figure with a black cloak and a gold masquerade mask. Like the ones that cover from the nose up. This image kept morphing in to a black billy goat and then back again. I was filled with such warm and calmness in his presence. This was the first time I’ve been able to see him. I think my 3rd eye is finally starting to open.

So today I added a white pillar candle to my altar and lit it along with another smaller candle and incense stick while I was journaling earlier. I try to offer at least incense while a few times a week. The pillar candle would not properly stay lit so I have up and let it stay extinguished. After the incense was done, I blew out the remaining candle and went about my business, even left the house with my husband for 3 hours. We just got back and that pillar candle was lit! The spiritual part of me knows that Lucifer is trying to say something to me, but the rational “overprotective mom friend” part of me is tripping out because there was a lit candle unattended in my house for who knows how long. Literally the only things here we’re my two chihuahuas and a cat.

I’m starting a 30 day journaling challenge to help get to know myself better. I can’t expect to learn anything if I don’t even know myself. I’ve got a lot to do and a long path ahead of me, but I’m going to get there.

My Hermetic Tarot deck got here today :heart:

I’m in love with the artwork. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Since tonight is the night of the Blood Moon, I decided to do an Evocation of Lucifer. While chanting his Enn, my whole body started to get that “floaty” feeling I haven’t felt since I got clean almost 4 years ago. But my head felt so heavy and the air was thick. The longer I chanted, the stronger my voice became. I could feel the energy radiating in the room. I can still feel his presence now. I am burning up too, despite it being 60 degrees in my house and I’m normally freezing. I do still feel pretty foggy though. I know this is a ramble but this is the best I can do right now.

I had a dream last night, and during it I had break through visions of several different areas that in my dream I recognized. Now I can’t seem to place them but so know what I felt. It was like my dream kept getting interrupted but I knew what the messages meant then. I wish I could remember it now.

Since the Blood Moon and my evocation, I have been an emotional roller coaster. I’ve got feelings coming up from years ago. I know that holding on to all of this has caused a lot of blockage for me, so I’m ready to finally feel everything that I’ve buried down for so long. I’ve noticed there is a lot of rage been building up though, so I’ll see how that plays out. Good news though, I’ve been speaking to Lucifer during my meditations about helping me further my career, and my boss approached me this week about training to take my own store in the future. So thank you Lucifer. :heartpulse:

Long story short I have a LOT of stuff to deal with this week.

I have fallen off of the path I was on, but I’m making my way back to it. Going to meditate daily and try to gain some sort of control of myself again. I’m an emotional wreck right now.

I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m very excited though, I’ve got several books on their way!

So far meditation is going well, I feel way more control of my breathing now. Before starting this, I actually had a dream that I was suffocating and I just got this feeling that it was because I’m not focusing enough on breathing. I found my pendulum that I haven’t seen in years, it was neatly packed away in a box from moving and apparently forgotten about in the basement. On top of regular meditation, I want to take some time every day to work on my divination skills. I’m feeling especially drawn to it right now.

I received my copy of Evoking Eternity yesterday. I’m excited to start working with it!

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Today’s meditation has left me feeling very peaceful and euphoric. I asked Lucifer to help me remake myself, to help me come closer to the best possible version of myself. This is the most peace I have felt in months.