Khabalahlalah boi

How do I obtain the sight which enables one to essentially Pierce the veil and communicate with sentient entities

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You could try to awaken your Kundalini.
I did it by hyperventilation while I was
meditating on my Ajna Chakra.

Got anything ritualistic

You could try to do a invocative/evocative
ritual for Paltator. Or you meditate.

How do I go about getting to paltador

Use the search function to look for his sigil.
Did you ever call a spirit ritually?

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Yes but I ended up getting possessed by the Celtic death goddess Morrigan a couple yrs ago

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So basically working on your clairvoyant abilities.

I have to hyperventilate myself to get in that state (that is similar to be stoned) and then meditate on the chakras on that state?

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I breathed into the Ajna Chakra with hyperventilation and then the serpent awoke.

In order for me to get into that state either my patron can put me in that state and pull me out or increase my breathing while relaxing…the breathing Technics that anime talk about all the time is key lol if you can keep that state you will be able to see through the veil and communicate with them how every to hear them is alot harder…I have yet to discover the hearing yet although I was able to hear them at one point but I fear it’s been blocked off because I didn’t want to have it at one point…