Keys, concepts, tools. *ramblings*

Keys, concepts, tools.

I present you now with some keys i was given in my first invocation,
to find my own “truths”.

Sorry if it’s a bit all over the place but this works best when i just let it flow,

I cannot tell you your truths, as they are meant to be found
and understood by our-self, but i can leave some breadcrumbs to what i found.
Do not believe, but consider. it’s all just perspectives. It’s all relative

All words are spells, thats why its called spelling.

Words are also “clues” to “truths”

Hidden meanings - Suicide, Sui (Water) Cide (Killer).

Water is Blood, Life. #HailSamael

Axe - Ask . Hatchet - Ha (God) Chet (Chat) . Hatchet = Talk to God.

Bullet, from Billet (Ticket). and Boulet, Boulette (Small “Ball”)

Re-Volver - Volver (return) Re-Return.

Sword Words, Exit Exist. The Jedi (Djed, Eye) of Ra.

Anagrams are important in teaching you to “see”.

Quick examples.

Lara Croft - Oral Craft.

Santa - Satan.

There are word hidden within words,
Pay attention to sounds. Necromancer - Neck, Romancer.
Secret, S’e’ce’ret - Cigarette

Alot of this magic stuff is very sexual, and strange at best at first glance.

The Wand is just a symbol of a penis, got wood? wood in old english (wudu).

Jesus is God’s Son (Sun) rays.
The Light of the world, also a metaphor for it’s penis, suseJ (sausage)

A trinity, Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen
The buildingblocks of life.

God is the “highest”, being high, you alter your vibration.

Plants hold secret vibrations for us to tune into - (chemical reactions)

Lillith for example is the Nymphaea Caerulea, the blue water Lily.
A physical body here to use as a sort of spiritual phone.

Alcohol is called BOOze, Spirits, Whis-key, Because they open you up to them.

These things, as with anything, MUST be handled with care obviously,
as one tends to lose ones mind to these things,
if not under control, the substances, chemicals,
the souls or spirits connected to it will own you.

(Soul -/- Fire)

Our heart is in a rib-Cage. We are made up of “cells”. Some call our body a prison.

In the beginning, a cell started dividing,
all life is made up of this same cell.

Consciousness is not related to the brain, which just handles bodily things,
our thoughts influence the body, as our body can influence our thoughts.
Consciousness comes from our heart, blood, rhytm.

You want to have good control over Ego, or if possible for you, eliminate Ego.

The voice in your head telling you to get angry, upset, have fear etc,
is Not you, it is in-fluence, fluence means magical or hypnotic power.
Other people, even spirits, dont make us angry, sad. We choose to be angry, sad.
Ego is self-destruction. Analyze every thought that enters your mind,

Names and Titles;

Zion, Ozion (Orion) - Sir from Sirius.

Names are important in your travel through “life”, what you call yourself,
and what you call others and want them to call you is very important.

The people higher up in society have crafted their names

Some examples, Will Smith is a Will Smith.

Donald (world wielder, ruler).

Dwayne (the rock) Johnson. Black, hard, penis, lol.

Act and you will become, masks etc.

Look at Jim Carrey for instance, He has played roles as a monk,
a seeker, God himself, and ended up finding his own truths in them
He had to lose his mind, his self, to find God in this process,
as we all have to. “mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland”.
But he most certainly did.

Some roles are more dangerous than others, the Joker.
Act mad/crazy and you will become it.
Act happy/blissfull and you could lose touch with it.
Emotions are not toys, they are at best, tools.
And must be wielded with care.
Guns don’t kill people, the wielder does. One can abuse anything.

The battle with Ego is the toughest challenge there is.

“Lose mind, to find God”, Kill your “self”. The Ego,
to become One (Love), to get focus, control.
When we die, we are mesmerized, we must learn to resist that,
in order to ascend when we pass.

The Senses:

You can “imagine” these in your mind, hear things without physical vibration
See without Light being reflected, taste without a tongue.
Is this less real than in the “physical” world?
No. Everything is reality, Just because it happens in the mind,
does not mean its not “real”.
Thoughts are vibrations just like everything else.
You are just looking through another “Eye” i.

Everything is vibration at different states, nothing is truly solid,
material or ethereal, more solid seeming means faster vibration.
Its all just energy moving at different speeds, so the all, is one body.

hot and cold are the same thing,
just differents ends of a percieved spectrum.
feeling of hot and cold depend on our own temperature, so like all, its relative.

We can control these vibrations to an extend,
in the way we think and act, what we do.

The part of the spectrum we have access to in this “physical” plane,
is so small it’s basicly nothing. So we must look within,
and tune into different frequencies to find good answers.

The world itself seems to be just a metaphor,
for what lies “beyond/within”.

I know enough to know i know Nothing. But i still want to Know
rather than be-LIE-ve. I dont claim to be right, i am just another seeker.
My truths are not your truths, and this was just free-flow from top of my head.
I hope some of this can help you in your studies.

I am currently searching for strings of words, concepts,
ideas to help me in this process, to exchange my beliefs for “facts”.

Thank you, I love you all.

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