Key sigils from The Book Of Sitra Ahra

I am using Karlsson’s qliphothic sigil of Nahemoth and using the mantra from his book plus the opening chant from Michael W Ford’s Scales of the Black Serpent and I end the rite by EA’s incantation for summoning spiritual powers.

Now I am thinking about adding The Key Sigil of Nahemoth from The Book Of SA too. But I haven’t read the whole book so I’m not sure if it’s right or not. If I do I’ll also add the opening chant from the book too.

Is this a good idea?

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I don’t see any reason why not. There are no rules with regard to sigils and chants.

Well the sigil you are using is the one you empower and that means also the energy behind it. Sitra ahra is just one but ‘’ touched ‘’ through different energies. Try the one which feels good and safe for you.

Sitra Ahra Gloria!