Kent nunoo cabala?

Hey,guys everybody has practiced kent nunoo cabala,sistem if magic,hes a adept o, enichian,african,santery,voduu,cabala, angelez,simple stilr,kind like carl nagel,awesome, any experiences b apreciated,tanks,

i know about ken but never did his system. why do you ask?

Bcse seems to real to be true,either he realy is a master ocultist & poses old knwledge,or follow,and up to bardon,cabala,his methods are easy,its the reason im asking,and yes i did buy 2 books from him,his website. Is down,also his email,

ken is a christian mystic who likes new age music and new thought literature. it sounds to me like you’re looking for him to be your new saviour when all he is is just a man looking to walk spiritually. he learns and teaches and practices what he preaches. if you get knowledge from him more power to you, he explains his kabbalah very well. as long as you realize that what he is doing IS christian kabbalah. if you are not into christian kabbalah, then he is not the one for you to be learning from. if you are, take what you can use and run with it.

there are a thousand magicians out there walking their own path and he’s one of them. dthere is no need for you to question him, rather question yourself and ask what are YOU doing?

Agree,is unique,a master,i bow2 him,diferent paths,same goals,his stile looks like,carl nagel,easy,and fun,if ya have any relationship. Whit him,plz tell him to publish books, plz ,we need masters like tat,get his stile outere,tanks man