Keeping sexual affairs secret and timing

Ok there is a neighbour with a hot daughter, I want to have sex with her, but keep it secret and have it happen in the right time and place, any thoughts on spirits and planets?

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Jupiter and venus for planets. There is a spirit named sitri he is good for sex, also maybe scry for what obstacles are in your way to try to remove them


King Zagan keeps things a secret


I am not attacking this woman by any means, but I watched this video and she never said anything about secrets

Not trying to be a pain , just curious , I am a bit worried about working with Zagan now


EA Koetting said he does . Hold on I’ll find the video

Start the video at 5:09


thanks I needed this

Another question, I suppose I could find out myself, but I wanted to see what others thought. If I am having sex and I don’t want other people to hear it, can Zagan conceal sounds, if not is there some other way of doing that, its always been a problem in apartments or living with other people