Keeping mother and child safe and healthy during pregnancy


I hope this is in the right section, thought Health would be the proper category. Also, I did some searching and couldn’t find anything similar to what I needed.

Basically, I’m looking for some advice on rituals or spells that will help keep both the mother and child healthy and safe during the pregnancy. The woman who is carrying my child and I are going through a pretty rough patch in our relationship at the moment (if there is a “relationship” at this point), but I still care about her very much and I want to make sure everything goes well. This will be my first child, though I’ve been through the whole miscarriage thing before and it isn’t something I care to go through again.

I might should mention she isn’t keen on any of this kind of stuff, so actively involving her in this isn’t going to be feasible.


Blessings. You can go to them astrally and bless both the mother and the child. You can also heal them that way, draw out every negative energy and low vibration and fuse healing energies. I did the same recently when a relative of mine was in grave danger to lose her baby, all went well at the end. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for the advice!


Call upon the goddess Hathor to bless and protect mother and child.


I recommend evoking the Archangel Raphael, while he is usually known as an angel of healing, he is also a member of the Heavenly Army. Evoke him to keep them safe from any attacks and to heal them from any illnesses.


Thank you, @DarkestKnight and @StewardofSophia for the advice. I’ll look into both Hathor and Raphael. I have no experience with either of them, but will do some research on them both.


There are many, many mother goddesses out there to choose from. What Path or pantheon do you personally work with or even like?


I’ve always felt drawn towards the norse path and pantheon. I suppose that would be Freyja or Frigga? I’m actually pretty new to working with gods/spirits and the like, just recently started attempting it.


Archangel Micheal.
Goddess Hekate.
Mother Isis.

Micheal is protective and will never waver in his duties.
Hekate loves children as does Isis.


Interestingly enough, Pazuzu was seen as a known protector of mothers and infants.


Your fear will create disaster in the process.
Find the Alpha Male in yourself and nobody will traspass your vibration into your loved ones.

Let Lucifer fall into Earth and become Satan! Let Leviathan boil in serene anger!

Best of luck!