Keeping Magick in Your Everyday Life

I have created this topic because I would like to hear from you people what you do in your everyday life to keep the momentum.
I personally do whatever I can , I read everything I find that interests me on this subject. My current situation is not favorable for doing rituals at home, even finding a quiet moment to meditate is rare.

So, I appreciate if you could share some tips.
Thank you!

There is not a day that I do not perform some ritual or another. Reading is cool, but it doesn’t really increase your magical power. Real world action does. I suggest you practice some kind of energy exercise everyday such as the solar grounding ritual or the middle pillar rite.

Remember that Crowley would perform rituals in his head which is the bare minimum that I will accept from my self as they don’t feel the same.

Personally, I get up early, do an lbrp, middle pillar and tarot reading most mornings before I enter the populace. I always meditate twice a day and log these entries in my journal, Microsoft Word on my phone.

Evocation and scrying as needed are my next level with Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming being my final steps in manifestation.

The important thing to remember is that we don’t do Magick. We ARE Magick! Perhaps start by creating space for your practices. Use a sigil, invoke your HGA, and tell others you need space, or evoke an entity to charge with the task. However you prefer, start there and let your magical potency and life unfold from this point.

Can you get undisturbed use of the bathroom for 15 or 20m a day?

Usually things in there would be considered “unclean” by a lot of systems, but needs must sometimes - you can tie a piece of ribbon 3, 7 or 9 times round the U-bend of the toilet, with the intent that all that goes down cannot come back into your life (if ribbon would draw attention, tell people it’s a feng shui cure - which it also is), and use that to dispose of negative energy; use running taps to disguise whispering; even keep items in a washbag that double for magick, like a piece of knotted rope for your “circle” or whatever.

Coarse sea salt is used by some people on dry skin so you can keep some of that, maybe, or blessed oils, just make out you’re going through a phase of trying weird natural remedies. You could do an egg cleansing (limpia) like the one Euoi posted here by pretening you want to use the egg on your hair or skin…

You don’t need tools of any kind for most types of work, and if you have trouble imagining a Temple and keeping it constant, watch a few episodes of Big Bang Theory or any other series that uses a central set for most of the scenes, then use that - chuck out the furniture you don’t want but otherwise keep that scene intact because it’s probably pretty vividly recalled and you have a good idea what it looks like with people moving round in it.