Keeping contact while making your demand

I wanted to talk here about something that I notice in a lot of my evocations.
I didn’t find something in the video curriculum dealing about that problem, so I decide to post it here, in case it would be something common.

When I perform ritual evokation, I start as adviced by making a good contact with the spirit “element” once in the Theta gamma state.
Most of the time, that’s the moment of the evocation when I have the best feeling with the presence of the spirit.
Then I focus on the sigil, and as I evoke, I feel the presence of the sigil becoming more and more important as if something was pulled out of the sigil to form a invisible being inside the circle (maybe some of you have something similar ?)
Then, I try to open my internal ears, because most of the time I don’t see anything at first, and I ask “… are you here”. Once I have the confirmation, I start making my demand.

That’s where the problem come.
As I am making my demand, most of the time I focus on it, giving details on what I want, sometimes forming images in my mind of what is my goal.
Problem his: doing that I totally loose the feeling of the spirit presence, 'im centered on myself and my goal. When I finished enoncing my goal, the spirit presence feel more distant or vanished, it is then easy to banish him.

Have you encounter this matter ? Did this disturbed the success of your rituals ? Should I consider that once I felt the presence, I can go ahead, or should permantly feel the spirit even when claiming my orders ?

I’ve experienced this with sigil majick.It just takes practice to do this mental multitasking.Try not to worry so much about the feeling of presence because once you feel it the spirit is there for sure.If the spirit is present you’ll get that feel that someone is standing in the room with you.Put this at the back of your mental focus and just know it’s there.Visualizing and stating your goal is what’s important.Once the spirit has been summoned and is present it’s not going anywhere untill it receives a command and is dismissed.