Keeping a Journal

Do any experienced or beginning magicians here keep a magic journal to note your path progress and your workings?

My physical memory is for shit, so I know I will be keeping a journal to look back at and reflect upon for future workings.
Tonight I start for the Four Adorations, the LBRP and LBRH banishing rituals, and the Fourfold Breath and a general meditation before and after, consecration of my meager poor-boy of magic tools. Hopefully something will occur, because, well just because in terms of me and mine. I feel a bit spiritually blind/hard to hear in the astral, so perhaps it will develop on its own through this practice. I only knw the above listed since I have pretty much exclusively read Hermetics. It was my launchpad into reading anything else.

A guide I have from Servants of the Light has this format, does the format of it matter? Any additional things you would add to this format if you do in fact keep your workings in a journal?

The Format For Daily Entries




Meditation Subject:

(This is the most important part of your diary. It is the key to your understanding of the lesson and the meditation you have just completed. Train yourself to keep to the point and try to keep to the aim of 10/14 lines.)

Later Realisations:
(Sometimes a further understanding or insight into the subject will come to mind during the day and these should be noted.)

Noon Exercise: note if done

Evening Exercise: Note if done.

Title of book read:
(for reading books recommended for your progress from Neophyte to Ipissimus or whatever)

What would you experienced magicians add to it or take away from it?


James Del Fuego

Dear Fuego,

This would be a great format to start with. Mead notebook journals are usually on-sale at wal-mart, staples etc…

Play with it for a month…the re-assess you can always change it!


If you like being that tightly organized, then I think it won’t hurt at all. Just so long as all that detail won’t keep you from writing in your journal. More detail is great, but if it becomes a chore, you’ll have no detail so you don’t write in it. A way to get past this, is that you should always at least jot down a few notes for your operations - give all the details if you can, but try to always take notes. As the months and years go by, you will be able to see your progress, from ritual/practice to results/development.

This is something I need to get into the habit of. I’ll write notes or log info for a magickal act I’ve done but have never done so for my meditations. The closest I came to that was posting updates on the first flame and black sun threads.

Personally I’d add in details such as emotional/visual/auditory responses as well as physical sensations felt during the meditation.

Cool, thanks Mode_439 and recircle!

James Del Feugo