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Greetings Nightcrawlers,

As some of you are already aware (TWFool), I’ve been working a lot of Sigil Magick for the last several weeks late at night…not that the time really matters. The Entities I’ve been working with are: Salas’ash & Grah’aht’talion both from BoA.

My experiences have been getting a wee bit more intense. Long story short, when I’m in a very relaxed state/The Theta-Gamma Sync, I’ve gone from my body quaking to literally feeling as if the demon is taking my arms and shaking them?

My last several experiences have been my arms being held out in front of me and literally shaken violently (no pain has ensued however), as well as my head shaking extremely fast.

*NOTE: These experiences have happened independent of my own volition.

It occurred to me tonight, that maybe the Entities really are shaking me to “wake me up” to the fact that they want to work with me.

Can all of you share your experiences with me regarding this?

Also, can all of you teach me or recommend to me how I can verify if this is true? The Demons wanting to work with me? My gut/intuition is telling me YES. However, this is very, very, very, new to me and I also know that I’m not as seasoned yet to discern 100% for myself.

Just an aside. I’ve only been diligently working Sigil Magick for perhaps a month now, enrolled in the Divination Course, and keep up with all of you here at BALG. If anything I AM getting results, now I just need to continue until I get the results I want.

For anyone else new to this side of the Path (Magick), BALG and the members here have been exceptional. Please continue your work…if your new to Magick or not. Let’s see what happens next!

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I meant “A La Mode” as in a scoop O’ ice cream y’all, not that I’m in the latest fashion…for all you forum Nazi’s out there!

Maybe you could ask the demon your working with to move a certain part or to contact you in another method say a dream for instance. I would work with one demon at a time so you can verify which if any are causing this. It’s interesting if nothing else, keep us posted.

Are you doing any kind of work to keep yourself protected from unwanted contact?

Mode, I got to thinking about meditative practices and the bodies tendencies to react. When I get very deep, beyond the feelings of weightlessness and loss of equilibrium and past the closed eye visual hallucinations my body will jerk or I’ll come off the bed with my heart racing or gasping for air. I’ve been told that it was my minds way of breaking such a deep meditation as the mind hates to be that still and has to be trained to stay in that state.

Since your meditative practices in all likelihood exceed mine by many years I was wondering if when your reaching the trance state your not sinking so low that your not reaching the same state. You being more used to reaching that state you can maintain it despite the physical reactions.

Something to consider if nothing else. Perhaps since your far deeper into the meditation game than myself maybe you could provide some insights.

Thanks TWF,

As far as:

“Are you doing any kind of work to keep yourself protected from unwanted contact?”

Not really. This may sound mad, but I’m looking for contact right now, at least enough for me to discern how much is cool and how much is “not welcome”

As far as the meditative states are concerned:

I’ve been very deep into what is called a Jhanic Absorption State, which is the goal of the Yogi when practicing The Jhanas (Theravada meditation technique). Now, in these states, you can literally poke or stick a pin into the yogi and he/she won’t even react. Also within these states, my body has spontaneously jerked & flailed as well.

The BIG difference is that when I’m in a Jhanic State and my body is shaking, from my experience energy is just flowing through this human vessel, refreshing it, bringing more clarity to it. When I come out of these states, I feel very clear and anew. This states are hard to describe because they are all non-conceptual, so I hope that this brings to light some clarity for all of you.

With that being said, when I’m done with my Sigil Magick sessions I’m tired, and my body is sore. Even now as I write this, my forearms are sore, and so are my trapezius muscles from my shoulder to my neck. It’s as if I was working out!

Mind you, during my Sigil Magick sessions I’m only doing 10-15minute meditations to relax my mind, or, Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing). Which is an extremely simple yet powerful technique to relax the mind.

The deeper states of Absorption that I wrote about above, usually take me an hour to an hour 1/2 to reach. When I have the time to go on a formal retreat, or to do a 10-15 day solo retreat here at home, I’m meditating for a total of 8-10 hours (not in a row), and these deep states slow your mind down to such a degree that at times it can quite upsetting (but in a good way…bringing things to the surface that need healing).

I’d have to say, with my limited child-like experiences thus far, that it really does feel as if my body is being pulled by “someone”.

TWF, thanks for getting me to really talk about this, because I’ve been able to clarify more for myself the differences in the experiences :slight_smile:

A La Mode

“I would work with one demon at a time so you can verify which if any are causing this”

  • TWF

Interestingly, BOTH demons I’m working with I’m having the same experience!!!
But my sessions with Grah’aht’talion are MUCH more intense. That I know from the sessions.

I had an experience like this once where someone began shaking my body I didn’t know what was going an and was half asleep so I was like “knock it off!” and zapped whoever it was with an energy vampirirsm tenril which stopped them. I later regretted doing this because it looked like whoever that was, was just trying to warn me about the reptilian that attacked my freind that same day. So I left a bit of chocolate out for whoever it was I zapped as an apology.


Hmmm. Perhaps this is a warning? But again, I’m very conscious when this is happening. I’m not half asleep or anything.

Well, I did ask the demon to speak to me either by extinguishing a candle flame or by dream. Candle flame did NOT go out. And my dream sequences as of late have been extremely intense, but I can’t decipher if this demon wants to work with me or not.

Perhaps I am getting communication but I’m just not astute enough at the present moment.


Thanks to some other members PM’ing here, it has been brought to my attention that perhaps these entities are actually entering me when my body is shaking the way it has?

Thoughts & or experiences friends?