Keep the Faith?

So i did a spell on this guy more than once and i petitioned the help of sitri, sallos, dantalion, belial, astaroth and rosier (besides my prayers to lucifer) and the deadline was 3 weeks (we are in the first)
He called me two days ago and we spent the afternoon just talking to each other, we told each other about the attraction that both of us have and it was great
The thing is: i knew he liked a girl, but he made it clear that he likes me too and (for the moment haha) i was ok with that (i’m often jealous of men, not women)
Today he texted me asking if i like him and i was like omfg what i should do right now
he then told me he couldn’t correspond bc he really likes her
i was cautelous, told him i always thought he felt the same (concerning about our close relationship) for me and he told me “yes, i feel the same” and i was like WTF
didn’t tell him that what i feel is romantic, i also lied a bit saying that “oh my god honestly its not romantic you can notice”
we’re alright, still talking

these days, when i talk to lucifer about it he tells me that i should be relaxed bc the spell is already working, the spirits are already working and he’s going to be mine anyway, astaroth told me similar things

but then, this happens
should i see this as a failed spell? a already failed request? i’m really confuse

i really would like to receive an advice on this
i don’t know how to react in a situation of “frustration” like this while its not the final deadline

If the response the spirits give is that things are working then go with that, second guesing and thinking about it is not letting it go.
Let it have the time you set out for it that be the 3 weeks and during that time forget it.

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we always talk about doing a spell and forgetting about it, but really, when it comes to love spells and you’re in love how do you even forget the subject?

Will power. As long as your desire in control you’ll never rest. “Love under will” remember that. Easier said than done? Maybe… but that’s the whole point of practicing magick.

Do other spells and get your faith stronger in your own skills. Do more spells until you exhaust all your desires… until you have no more to give. Until you can’t stand thinking about this specific desire anymore.

Desire is what gets you to start working to get what you want, lust for result is what blocks your desire from manifesting. Maybe this will help :


Been there aswell so i understand your frustration.
Love spells as you say is for something that really got your attention.
Its hard to let go and for me that depends on the amount of emotions i put in to the work as for everything you should Drain all your emotions in it.
It seems to me now that you got hooked on what you consider negativ feedback and that is what pilla your attention back to it.
Best advice i can give is to try being passiv and reciving of the result and not judge it as good or bad that will only bring more of your attention back to it.

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thanks a lot

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Sure you’re welcome. good luck

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what do you mean by passiv?

Try not to judge or classify what happends as good or bad but view it you were watching a movie what happends has no connection to ”you”.
That is a way to try to detattch from it.
Simply what i recommend is same as @PrinceX linked.


oh thanks