Keep seeing palindromic numbers on the clock

I know there’s other posts about seeing numbers like this, by my situation is a little different and I couldn’t find anything that quite matches with my experience. instead of seeing the same numbers all the time, I keep seeing a pattern of numbers, where it’s always a three digit palindromic number with the second number being different than the other two. and it’s only on digital clocks too, I never see that anywhere else where there are numbers. the numbers are always different, it’s not like I’m always seeing 7:37 or something, it’s always different whenever I see it. for example I will be outside, then when I go in I happen to glance at the clock on the stove and it will be something like 2:12. then a few hours later I will look at the clock again for no real reason and it will be 4:24. then a while later I will happen to look at the clock again and it’s 8:38. if I intentionally look at the clock at random to see if it’s going to be one of those palindromic numbers it never is. at first I thought it was just a weird coincidence, but it keeps happening multiple times a day, and this has been going on for months now. I’ve tried looking up angel numbers and the meanings never have anything to do with me or my situation, so they’re no help. has anyone had any similar experiences?

Very interesting. You’ll have to look into traditional numerology and derive a meaning out of it yourself (or it may be best)

@Borgy might be able to help, they’ve been very helpful to members with giving insight to number sequences.


Maybe you are thinking to deep in reading the random messages.
Start with single numbers, it could help.

For example

1 manifestation
2 Be postive, it will be alright
3 Connection to a higher divine being/or human who was on earth before and ascended
4 Connection to Angels/Fallen Angels
7 You are on the right path/direction, it’s a compliment
8 Abundance, not only material, but spiritual too

It’s synchronization with spirit or your higher self/intuition

What you could do is when you’re experiencing this. What are your thoughts at that exact moment?
Mostly your intuition tells you something. That’s when the numbers start popping up.

Example you want to change jobs and you’re seeing this number. And at that same to you go within, listen to yourself, what are you thinking/feeling. Does it feel good? Do it. If it doesn’t feel good think about it and maybe don’t do it. It’s trying to tell you something, for example a better oppurtunity will come

Another example: You’re connecting with a spirit and you’re asking yourself did it go alright. Then these numbers pop up. Mostly it means that the spirit is telling you it’s fine and go ahead like this.
But remember go inside when it happens. It’s beautiful when you see the numbers at home and you can meditate. Write down how you feel? And if you had a message.