Keep boosting survival skills + creating a better future - why?



There’s an endless array of reasons why you wish to make sure you can survive as a species and be
ready for absolutely ANYTHING. “If you want peace, prepare for war” my military grandfather used to say -
referring to , obviously others that could co-create a version of reality we don’t wish to live in, but would be forced upon us if we choose to neglect it, as PERMANENT creators of reality, ourselves.

Anything coming your way comes down to one thing, ultimately, to put ‘one’ word to it, and that’s your degree of selfmastery, you could say protection could be included, certainly…

So generally, either we change the world for the better, or…(/and)
we empower ourselves in order to make sure we can survive ANYTHING.
That’s the moment, I guess one can find a basis for inner peace.

That being said, my reaction is always the same : empower yourself- aim to change the outcome to one that serves the greater good for the better. I was quite surprised to come across people that generally think they have nothing to love on this planet, no reasons to…but then again, some things may happen or be in foresight of potentially happening that remind people of the value of life itself, which is the greater idea behind vice in the world, behind unified left-right hand (and L/R unified) alchemy.

Some times ago, E.A. made a video about AZAZEL titled
Azazel says ‘Wake up or die in your sleep’- Which comes down to what was in the bottom of my mind, and lots of people’s mind, for obvious reasons too, looking at the world.

We are here to survive and be responsible creators of our reality here on planet earth and in existence.

This video is just one of the millions of reasons, why one would want to take things to the ultimate, when it comes to self-mastery. If you wish to live in a world where your mind is free from the idea that something could kill you or anything or anyone you love in an instant- magick (or say working with the God-Mind and it’s archetypes - which you ultimately are) is definitely the main thing that will make you a master of your own fate, more than any man on earth, regardless of how weaponized any other opponent is in existence, not working with the God-Mind)

There’s this, there’s the extraterrestrial malevolent treat/control on the planet, there’s the veils that are about to fall revealing the latter and much more, being eye to eye in contact with the 4D cosmos at large, the good and the real, real bad.

Soon there will be, according to Trump’s plan space forces- a project most probably in the making at the moment.

What that will hold…I have yet to ask spirits…;

the point is…stay alive, get ready for anything, ask spirits, ask them to make sure you stay alive, thrive, do well in life…maybe watching movies where survival is part of the story can help you come up with new things to ask.

Wishing you all to find absolute - grounded inner peace, which can be found through assuring your survival, no matter what comes (yet remember that you can ask beforehand, for guidance towards safe situations, that is optional, but then again, being able to stand up to a challenge, being ready for it before it even occurs can indeed be very wise to ask, especially when you wish to help your fellow human beings, loved ones etc, also survive - to defend others too. Think of everyone or anything you truly love…

I’m sure this video (though I wish I could be more positive) can rapidly help place what matters in perspective - before it gets even worse. I want to make sure you all make it here…;

That being said : never count on anyone else in the physical world to help assure your own survival-ever.
Not the government that at this point in reality has zero control over how AI will evolve, since it’s the military, internationally that keeps pushing it, in the first place, who makes machines to kill, and as the video shows about what happened. Machines that kill autonomously, is a very probable military intention in general too.

P.S. The video #1 thumbnail is an image from the Terminator movie(s).