Kedemel and Hismael

Used for amarous magic, would these demon spirits of Jupiter and Venus cause bad luck or good luck?

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Also, if Vual and Sallos are called as well, as if the four are the pentacle, which directions would these four be? If two share the same direction, how would you layout the four spirits for cardinal directions?

Also, any Enns known for planetary spirits?

Enns are ONLY for demonic beings and are a recent aspect of modern demonolatry. They do NOT apply to any other type of spirit.

Planetary Spirits work under the Planetary Intelligence, and, although some literature and websites refer to them as demons, they, in my experience, are not. However, some of their energies have been known to cause chaos in one’s life, (Sorath in particular has this reputation) so that is probably why they have gained the name because chaos=bad to most people, and they can be used to harness the balefull aspects of the planets (because we all know only demons do bad things :wink: )

Their squares and sigils come from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, which is older than the modern practice of enns.

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Okay … So for amorous magic … These two would be a bad idea. Thank you :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. EA wrote in Evoking Eternity that if you seek knowledge, call the Planetary Intelligence, and if you want a task fulfilled, call a Planetary Spirit, so I would call the Intelligence of each planet and ask them the best way to harness their power for your goal, and then call the spirits to put into action what you learn.

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Yeah … Its supposed to be a constructive ritual…I think I will just use invoking hexagrams of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

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