Karmic question

So what does this mean.

I was at work and this co worker was giving me attitude so I internally was like cursing her out while I was cleaning dishes meaning I wasn’t doing anything out loud since I’m new and I’d like to keep a decent reputation but inside I was like “yell at me again why don’t you…” like mumbling to myself essentially. Then a few minutes later I hear “shit!” She dropped food out of the oven and had to make it all over again. Is this just perhaps me projecting it towards her in a way that brought that to her? A half an hour later she had a huge line of customers she was stuck handling herself cause my shift was over. She was calling for another co worker but he didn’t answer so she was stuck with them herself. Interesting. What do you think caused this. Was it what I thought like I projected frustration unintentionally or something?


That’s not karma, that’s just bad energy on your part being sent to her because you got pissy about her bad mood… It’s normal, you get into an escalating spiral of crappy energy as people reflects and enhance it off each other.

You can get bad energy in restaurants just off the chef being in a bad mood when he makes the food, it doesn’t even have to be personal.

I would suggest, as a mage, you can cut this spiral before it gets out of control. Work on her to stop her bad mood and everyone will benefit. Banishing and cleansing the building is a good idea, that kind of negativity attracts parasites and you and the others will be a target working there. The whole situation is bad news and needs fixing.


Yeah makes sense. That was our only incident where I got pissy at her. But okay thanks

Tbh this isn’t unheard of or uncommon in a restaurant and other types of business (retail, convenience stores, etc).

On another note, unless the business is super strict, you could’ve hung around, got some extra time, and built some rapport with her by giving her a hand.

All while the guy she called didn’t answer or show up and looks bad.

Could give you a way towards more hours/job security, right?


It was either a magickal event, or it was completely coincidental, mundane, and ordinary.

Usually, when a result manifests with magick, it seems like things just naturally were like that and then you find yourself with the result, or something like a series of coincidences occurs and then that gets you your result.

Experience a heavenly vision - that’s hard to say was an ordinary mundane thing. Have magick give you just what you asked for in the material, though, and it’s often easier to wave it off as how things would have gone anyways.

Regardless, it seems this had a bit of an impact on you, so maybe take some time to reflect on it, both this other person and yourself. Cursing isn’t always the best solution, but that doesn’t mean you have to be her best friend, either. You probably don’t want to be around negativity all the time, however, nor do you want it growing in your workplace. There are many known methods, angelic demonic and otherwise, for calming arguments and negativity and encouraging people to behave more warmly and agreeably towards you.

A peaceful external environment is an immense luxury, one which I actively seek to cultivate, but I also like to remember that everything I need to be happy and at peace is within me. It doesn’t matter what’s going on or what the circumstances may be, I can choose to dwell in negativity and cycling worry rumination, or I can choose to do my best to focus on other things.

It’s amazing what just a bit of stretching can do for you in an otherwise seemingly rough day, and equally, a dose of negativity can plant those seeds of negative karma and throw you out of wack if you allow it. I’d deal with this situation, one way or another, because when you live for so long without it, you come to appreciate the priceless value of peace.

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It’s not much of a serious restaurant plus my manager prefers we don’t work over time unless we have to.

As I was walking off he came over but I kept walking cause one my shift was over and two I was pissed