Karmic debt and work with demons

Do you believe that if we have a certain karmic debt in one area of our life (economic, emotional, health, etc.), demons cannot help us or can they help us only in part?

For example, if before choosing to incarnate did we choose to experience poverty or bad luck, can demons help us only partially to improve our economic situation?
So with regard to other areas of life, so if in this incarnation we are destined to live love life with difficulty … Gremory, for example, will not be able to help us as we would like.

I was also wondering how much our birth chart matters, how much demons can help us despite the difficulties foreseen in it.

Thanks for your answers!

karma is you or others manifesting things into your life. If you have done something previously that went against your morals you would risk manifesting your own “deserved” punishment. If someone else hates you, they might manifest it aswell. The demons can help, but with what i have experienced they dont remove or add things for you to turn to escapism but for you to learn. If you ask them from a position of strength they will most likely help you

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There is a book called “Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot: The Way of the Secret Lover” by Christopher S.Hyatt and Lon Milo Duquette. In that book, there is a tarot thing that has to be done with the Thoth deck, that shows you those things and can help you to know your true will. The system is also in the form of a table in the companion book of Ian Daniels’ “Tarot of Vampyres”, but Daniels uses it in a roleplay fashion, while the other authors are more academical. It has been accurate for the people I’ve read the cards that way.

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Its confused if you follow budhism. Even between are diferences. If astrology chineses chart be off from indian chart. Even angelic birt charts. I look for daemonic birth charts. Not good enough i tnk we are developing ourselves in tis life besides karma. .i read oroscopo demoniaco a 76 editicion which ayuthor claims was written by satan. Its have birtdate charts. Numbers etc… But karma. Money. Etc can be attained whitout karma. Tink bill gates say ifu born poor its notyoufault. If youdie poor its your fault.

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karma can be seen as many things, and i believe it truly does apply to many, many different phenomena

Karma is action. What you do, is what is returned. Your life is your karma. many things are affected by karma.

Karma is a philosophy of life, it’s an energetic movement, a debt. to kill your karma is to clear your schedule.

Set it aflame, destroy the system. (the debt)

Keep this philosophy in mind, your life is entirely in your control, even when ‘terrible’ things happen. If you do the right things, you will get the right results, no matter the form they come in.