Karma question

How is an ultimate good deed affected if the out come is intended to be the ultimate evil. Need some insight

Such things do not exist.

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You mean, can someone do something that benefits another, but do it intending that it harm them?

Can you give an example because that doesn’t sound very fruitful.

As far as karma goes, karma is a complete joke. Opt out.
It’s old energy left over from the control-freaky age of Pisces and it helps ascension not one bit for you to hold on to it.

It’s is actually pretty simple to destroy someone with benevolence, hence the ol’ cliche of “killing with kindness.”

However, I’m not sure what your actual question is @Yaskm

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Karma is like the god of Jews. It’s a thoughtform. That doesn’t mean it’s not real, many believe in it, and as such if you attach yourself to that current, it will weigh you down. Morality is not absolute, try to understand what it is that you subjectively think is right and wrong, and adjust your morals accordingly.

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Yeah. I’m with the others. Karma is a self made construct akin to the Sunday School of Christian fundamentalism. It’s meant to teach the little boys and girls to behave in a manner that fulfills their expected societal norm.

Having said that, you do have the ability to destroy yourself with your own self imposed limitations or subconscious uncertainty which could have a negative effect similar to what some call Karma.

Good and evil are applicable to humans. Nature, universe and the lot frown up on the idea.

Karma is the bastard child of hinduism, buddism and jainism (threesome) popularised by the latter two. My views on it changed and I no longer believe in something like karma.

Reincarnation must have been thought of as a real thing by observing the cycles in the nature, so some genius must have created a concept like karma saying your actions from earlier life affects this life. But this fails if you subscribe to the idea that all your lives are happening simulateously in different realities.

Karma is all about lessons in this life is a western concept from new age spiritualists. Only one thing is certain, all actions have consequences.

Karma does not control life, nor the planet Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

I think that this is the basic idea of Karma. I know that people get really mystical with Karma…but at the end of the day it is just saying that every action has a consequence.

I think that Karma isn’t supposed to be some mystical new age bull shit…and it doesn’t even have to be moralistic…its just a fact…what you put out comes back…

The earlier etymology of the word in Sanskrit gave its meaning as only action and nothing else. Some lame idiot added the consequence part while having that threesome, a sick joke I must say.

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So then…you are saying that you don’t believe in any sort of repercussions to our actions? No sort of “cosmic” checks and balances? No belief in something that will re-balance what has become imbalanced as a result of your actions? (stated this way as opposed to a “good” v “evil” terminology)

Our actions have consequences but I don’t believe in a mechanism that will normalise actions and consequences at a cosmic level especialy that ridiculous argument that if you kill someone in this life in your next life you will get killed by the same person.

From what I understand from age old native american beliefs to the old hindu scriptures, life is a celebration regardless of the pain it causes and our actions should be aligned to let life expand rather than stop it. It is a painful truth to accept in the face of so much suffering humans, plants and animals expereince but it may be true.

I haven’t been asked this question since college in my ethics class. My professor asked the glass “let’s say you are standing on a cliff, looking over a railroad where seven people are tied up to. There is a train coming down the tracks. Standing before you is a large person who can derail the train if you push them. What do you do, force the one individual to die or allow the other ones do?” This is an example of the paradox, where the Common Good is in question.

What you are asking is the reverse, essentially. Using the philosophical question I mentioned, you would be allowing those tied to the railroad to die. In that case, the Karma would be seven lives lost with another saved. That is it. I believe karma is nothing more than actions having an effect on those around it, not a system of rewards or punishments beyond the laws of cause and effect in the physical (I do not view it as a cosmic law). But that is my two cents.

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Ah ok. I see what you are saying. No, I don’t believe that argument either. lol.

But I do believe that certain things we may do in life can have a repercussion on us, either in this life or the next…

I agree that life should be a celebration regardless of the hardships! Although…obviously this is easier said than done… but it is possible.

This is something that I have to still move on from, from my childhood religion. It engrained me and everyone else in it to view life as something NOT to be celebrated. I still have to fight that daily…I want to enjoy life!!! lol.