Karma- Note, RANT

I need to get this out.

Say, let’s take a vote. Who here believes in KARMA?! You know, the idea that your power is in check by something higher than yourself and if you do something bad like KILL that guy who cut you off today, you’ll get three times worse on you?!


If you raised your hand, please find the nearest gun and grip it tightly. Imagine that you are putting it at your forehead, because by believing in karma, that is EXACTLY what you are doing: Putting a gun to your head and keeping your power down and in check.

Let me tell you this, boys and girls:

POWER exists in all of us. It IS unchecked, it IS chaotic, and it doesn’t care what you do with it because it’s POWER.

Let’s look into some thought science, shall we? We all know intent, and how intent can affect water and blah bleh blih, but what about thoughtforms? Those little sparks that appear when you think of something but don’t concentrate too hard?

Well, let’s also talk about attachment. Attachment is something that either needs to be present in large amounts or completely absent depending on the magical system and working you are performing.

If you REGRET an action, and FEAR a consequence, you are making thoughtforms and especially because ones about FEAR and REGRET tend to be focused on, and you give a lot of your time to worrying, FEARing, and REGRETting, you are creating thoughtforms that will punish you because you are drawing that to yourself.

Guess what? THAT’S KARMA. If you regret poisoning that poor town’s water supply and making a drought, you are ENSURING karma comes to kick your ass because you MADE it that way.

Why do you think the villains are always successful, and all the “white-light” bullshitters get nowhere except absorbed back into the Source?

It’s because we are not afraid of our power, and we do not regret displaying it.

If anyone tries to impose karma on you, kill them because you are doing the universe a favor. Have their car veer off a cliff, have demons stop their heart, bring them to suicide- WHATEVER.

Karma is bullshit. It was made by priests- oh, and by the way, I hate the idea of a religious leader controlling a society: YES, I AM LOOKING AT YOU, MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS- to control the masses, but originally by Hindus/Buddhists whatever the hell you want to call them. It was designed to, guess what? CULL the WEAK.

Are you weak? Do you REALLY want to be part of the weak, part of those so easily controlled?

If Belial has taught me one thing in the past three days, it is that I need stop worrying and kill the people I want to kill because I am MORE than capable of doing so.

Your power is YOURS, it is UNCHECKED, and it can grow HOWEVER YOU WANT IT TO- Are you going to shackle yourself, or evolve past your own knowledge of your abilities?

What I’m trying to say here, is that if you still hold an attachment to karma and you’ve found this place, this is the wrong place to take it. Because here, or maybe it’s merely I, but in either case karma is pretty much gone from here.

So to all you white light lurkers out there, and I know you are there, go find another place that cares more about human principles.

Because here is where people are serious about becoming gods, not things that are SLIGHTLY better than mud.

Karma needs to die, in all of us.

Sorry, needed to get that out.



You should do more rants if they are that informative to aspirants out there.

Yeah, I used to believe in karma and loom what happened? I got fucked up in more ways than one.

on a somewhat related note, how do you get rid of unwanted toughforms? I’m pretty sure I need to do some cleaning in myself…


Make a thoughtform that destroys other thoughtforms. Put some keywords in there like for ones associated with fear, regret, sorrow, etc. Then stop thinking about those topics.


Just what I needed and I align very much with this. Death to all teachers of this karma would bring me great pleasure.

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Old post i know but what a funny chap lol - to say anybody found that informative is scary somebody gonna argue the toss about whether gravity exists in a few years time honestly unbelievable :sunglasses:, the “principle of karma” has existed for a while now. ALSO that is NOT the principle of karma you are describing at all as its not a higher power that keeps us in check. Karma is the energy/deeds we do/send out will come back. You are describing want of taking no responsibility for your actions. adding to this dodgy novel what you conciously think or question can be brought into reality … kalpvriksh - hindu wishing tree (which our own minds are the kalpvriksh all along) so that is not karma either that is enforcing a karmic debt to manifest into your life by means of self persecution. Im not perfect but lets play a game if you do not believe in karma yet you have had your share of trials and tribulations do a genuine karma spell sending karma back too whence it came and get back to me :sunglasses: … goodluck …

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I would like karma to be real. I would like us to have to understand to value each other and be good, and for all that sappy stuff to be true. I’d like there to be a system of justice in the universe, and I’d like ultimate fulfillment and love to be the place we all will get back to. I think I’d like all the demons to say ‘sike’ after we die and the truth is strict RHP stuff is real.

But I don’t know. I don’t want to be trapped by beliefs like I was with Christianity. I like to think that I don’t need the idea of karma to keep me from killing many people.


LHP/RHP i respect any side long as they don’t become extreme. LHP think its alright to start throwing hadoukens around at evert little thing … RHP aswel as cleaning up that residual mess think they can solve everybodies ills but they can’t … i admire your outlook though.


The idea of the Laws of vibration and attraction where energy is like a pendulum you can learn to move at your own desired pace, sure. An invisible scolding parent, no.

Of course things can bite you in the ass. If you ignorantly push the Pendulum too quickly or too harshly it will give you much but quickly take an equal amount from you and if your not prepared then you’ll get burned.

People using Dharma to represent fear or in my eyes just another way to implement Christian boogymen into Paganism is beyond silly to believe.


I suppose growing up all my life having karma pushed down my throat and me believing in it really disempowered me from doing that which made me feel really good. Oh I looked at her sexually. Oh I beat up Johnny for bullying one of my friends. Oh I cheated on the history test. I was so trained it was at every corner. I couldn’t escape karma. I am still learning but now I choose to live disregarding karma doing what I feel is right in my life. Yes I may pay for things in the long run but who chooses what deserves good or bad karma?

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And looking back on me saying I would wish death upon those that teach it isn’t true now but at the time of posting I was going through a darker time in my life living out of my car yet up until that point I did everything I could for many others and never received good karma back. It wasnt until I focused on my self that I got out of the rut. Those that teach karma aren’t bad in my book per se but those that force you to take their beliefs about karma are. Subtle differences make a difference. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without all those life experiences I suppose although so no hard feelings to them


Dindu nufin!!!

The rant is ranty. Tooshay. :sunglasses::octopus::frog::rabbit::alien::tophat::poop:

karma does not need to be explored in such a manner it becomes a novel. it really is just a simple fact our deeds come back too us good or bad.

adding to your reply i don’t care what/who you think is bad … my point was real simple denying karma is self damaging you are just telling yourself its ok to do anything without consequences.

Each individual is on the journey to self realization.

Before we come down unto earth we pass a gate now just before we do that our state is pure (baby like state)
Upon returning in order to get through that gate again we must be pure like again so thats where karma comes into play!

we cannot purge our self whilst in transition from our body back to the gate and we could die any time so there you have it.

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Yeah, I agree. I was reading ‘the aghora’ series, there vimalananda says that not only each and every thought, emotion, intent of ours get record in our five bodies but each atom ( mahat anu, smallest particle possible) records everything happening in the whole existence in the great casual ocean. ( maha karana).

And don’t forget, law of cause and effect is one of the main principle of Hermetic order. And he (hermes) was the real deal.


Well hopefully it helps people, to be a little more mindful at the very least.
That is also very true and again widely recognised.

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