Karma in the after life / future lives

What’s the deal with “karma” ?

Does it really exist or only if you strongly believe in it?
I’ve read somewhere on the internet that the things we do in our current lives will have consequences in our future lives.
Doing mean things or being a genuine mean/hateful person will backfire right? Because your soul hasn’t learned his “lessons” here on earth and decides that he wants to experience the exact same things as you’ve done to other people…?

Or is just that you will get a life review when you die and are in the astral. You will see and feel what every action good or bad did to people in your life. You will see and literally feel the pain and emotions. The anger or grief. And you will instantly regret it and be sad about it because you now know that you didn’t only hurt the person, no you did hurt humanity because we are all one. Is that your karma and then be done with it so you can proceed to the light back the the source?

I am a genuine good person and I don’t hurt people intently. I always think about my actions. But what if i’m hurting girls by not deciding to have a relationship? What happens if I cheat?
I’ve broke some hearts in the past and will I get karma for it? Like incarnating in a girls body and experiencing the grief from being dumped or cheated on?

Who is/was in the astral at the akashic records or something and could give me an accurate answer about this? :smiley:

Thank you for reading!


There are already many threads debating this concept. You should read them.

Pretty much the consensus is, the Western idea of karma does not exist. There is no universal regulatory system judging your actions, but there are always consequences to them, just as there are with anything we do magically or physically. You can be as mean as you want to be, and it will not affect your afterlife, or your next incarnation, in any way. However, you might gain the enmity of a higher being, as I apparently did in a previous incarnation, and that being may take it upon itself to punish you.

Personally, I don’t buy into the whole “you have lessons to learn while you’re here and if you don’t you’ll be back to repeat them until you do” thing that a lot of RHP’s seem to like spouting. It makes it sound like the physical realm is a school ground for bigger and better things, but it’s not. According to Azazel, in the Book of Azazel by EA, the physical realm is the gloried position, as it is the only realm where True Godhood is possible, and is the final manifestation of an intentional Divine Will. You are here simply because you want to be. You chose this, because this is the only place where you can grow and become something greater.

The universe is responsive, and cause and effect is real. If you are constantly throwing curses at people for no reason, and being an all around douche, you won’t get that sent back to you by the universe, but the effect will tend to be a very poor, miserable existence for you, steeped in negativity and lacking in joy (and, of course, there is always a chance of someone paying you back by cursing you).

However, you cannot interact with other beings without unintentionally causing hurt sometimes. That is just a fact of life. You will step on bugs without realizing it, you will break someone’s heart without knowing. You can’t get around that. It’s cause and effect, and it just is.


I personally think that karma doesn’t exist. It’s not a law. In my opinion, What’s called Karma is a reflection of hidden subconscious guilt or fear. One of the main reasons that makes spell work backfires and explained as “karma”. Outside of spell work or magick, the same reason could also cause “bad luck” or undesired events that people may explain as karma or punishment from God or purification of the soul etc Whatever we believe, to make what seems like random events in our lives, become logical and understandable by our limited perception of reality.

It’s a philosophy more than anything else.


If you believe that you will get " karma" then you will manifest the problems yourself. Basically curse yourself. It only exists if someone creates issues for themselves and then terms those problems " karma " .


I used to belive in karma once, and that’s have brought me nothing more than a bunch of problems and a stress. Now I consider it nothing more than some type of a slavery. “You have debts and lessons from your past lifes and you do not even have an idea how many and what these debts are? Well, shut up and start to pay back this shit for no credible reason or you will suffer endlessly!”

Not to mention about that, “thanks” to this crap, I have unintentionally attracted one guy into my life. He was a toxic combination of believes in karma laws, in something akin Pleiadian’s alliance bs and he was into veganism. The most inoffensive phrase that I could say about him is that he is very unhappy guy, restricting himself to the point of eating only a bundle of sparrowgrass through the whole day because he thinks that eating something like nourishing meat will “screw up” his karma and he will suffer for this. It’s have been about 8 years now as he have accustomed himself to that kind of life and guess what, he haven’t advanced in anything at all, his life is just a piece of stagnation and it makes me sick to even mention him…

Well, I brought it out just as example what can restrictions like believes in karma do with people, so I strongly advise to keep distance from this, but it’s your choice anyway


Useful concept to play with those who believe in it.

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Thanks for your insights. Yes it explains why some people keep getting bad things happening to them.

Like people who always want to do everything right and still get fucked up or punished. It seems that karma doesn’t exist at all. If he was doing things right then those bad things should not even happen.

What about the law of attraction?

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What’s the deal with “karma” ? Does it really exist or only if you strongly believe in it?

I think there’s no smoke without fire, Karma used to be more real, but humanity has evolved so that collectively we’ve decided it’s no longer in play except optionally. People chose to make Karmic contracts that could follow them between lifetimes or not. They might still carry those contracts today, but since they’re optional, they could quite easily chose to rescind them, declare them null and void, and thereby stop some unwanted energy in their lives just like that.

Doing mean things or being a genuine mean/hateful person will backfire right? Because your soul hasn’t learned his “lessons” here on earth and decides that he wants to experience the exact same things as you’ve done to other people…?

Not because you have “lessons”, but you are playing with other gods and they get to mess with you if you mess with them. Also you may be beating yourself up for not holding to your own code.

Or is just that you will get a life review when you die and are in the astral. … You will see and literally feel the pain and emotions. … you will instantly regret it … Is that your karma

No! I’m with folks like Cameron Day on this particular point - the life review is nothing but a guilt-trip. It’s a trick of Yahweh’s crew to persuade people to reincarnate out of order, before they even go through the entire death process (as defined in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, for me) and thereby disallow them to remember who they really are, remember their godhood, and keep them dumb and docile in the ‘farm’ as I call it. That bunch are vampiric and fed on dramatic emotion, including love… ties into the ideas that we’re in the matrix etc - no smoke without fire. (Good news it’s that’s optional - you’re a god don’t agree that they can take your power and they can’t). It’s pure manipulation over something that’s none of their business, but they know people will fall for it. Never listen to the lesser angels, most aren’t even sovereign - they’re constructs, and they don’t have your interests at heart. I kill them on sight, like I kill mosquitoes trying to bite me, but that’s just me.

I am a genuine good person and I don’t hurt people intently. I always think about my actions. But what if i’m hurting girls by not deciding to have a relationship? What happens if I cheat?

This lot is a whole other kettle of fish. Here’s my position:

  1. You’re NOT responsible for managing other people’s feelings. You are only responsible for your OWN happiness. Does rejection hurt - sure, but we’re human, it’s all gonna hurt sooner or later. They are gods too, they signed up for this - respect them as such and know that they can fix their own issues. They’ll be fine.

  2. Cheating is a choice on the cheaters part to break a promise. I would say, for your own sake, so that you should always be able respect yourself, always keep your word and be a man of integrity, and don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep. Never give yourself anything to reproach yourself with - it’s like you’re attacking your own spirit, and you become your own enemy. If you’re going to hurt someone by lying to them, make the choice to do it on purpose, for a reason that creates positive flow in your life, no regrets… and not because you were just too weak to control yourself, or own up to it and just tell your loverl you want to have another and you’re not exclusive.
    Also, if you feel you’re not naturally monogamous, there’s nothing wrong with that - look into polyamory and find poly people to partner with - it’s not an easy path but it allows multiples partners or loves with consent and integrity.



Thanks for your explanation and opinion. Really insightful.

I have some internal struggles regarding dating nowadays and I took the “RedPill” so to speak… Sometimes I just want to be a merciless hardcore player and not giving a shit about every girl. But it’s better to focus on my spiritual ascension. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am pretty sure karma is real. But what is karma/law of karma is extremely mysterious. And just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and won’t control you from your sub conscious mind. There are universal laws which don’t give a fuck about one’s believes. Just try to undo gravity by not believing it.

To me it seems that all neophyte black magicians diss karma just to feel a bit relieved, seems immature to me.

One aspect of karma is just memory/information . Contents of your conscious and subconscious mind, your genetic memory, elemental memory, evolutionary and biological memory which makes the person you are. Most of the yogic practices are focused on erasing to a large degree and distancing yourself from those memories (specifically if they are bad) so that they won’t control your life in a compulsive way.

Now when it comes to the other aspect of law of karma, a. k. a law of cause and effect, it exists for sure, it’s common sense. And believe me it’s a different animal altogether. And complex beyond comprehension.

At the same time being over conscious about it will cripple you and you can’t exist in this cruel and world without hurting someone to some extent.

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Do share your greatest feets in your game, and if possible share some tricks too.


I will give updates on my journey. This is all together with active dreaming. I need to get into the astral world to practice everything and fix my aura / body / outer appearance so I can gameslay girls.

Dharma talks about how your actions now will effect your next life HOWEVER good and evil do not equate in. If you are destined to be a bad person and fight against it you will receive bad Dharma for your next life.
There is no “be good and get rewarded”.

In your second statement you’re bringing up an Egyptian idea. When Anubis brings you to Osiris one of the things you must endure is seeing your whole life again without blinders. Not sure it has to do with Dharma though.

I don’t feel we are held down by anything but ourselves if our inhibitions are “karma” fine but we can overcome it.

We also Due tell Gravity to shove it. Nasa has rooms where Gravity can be shut off. That’s controlling The Law of Gravity.
Science and Magick are not separate.

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Wow! Can NASA actually do that? That’s awesome! How do they do that?

No, NASA can’t shut off gravity: @SpaceTravelr, you’re having your leg pulled.

Note: If those rooms are a sufficient distance from the pull of a sufficiently massive body, sure, that room will not have gravity. NASA still didn’t “shut” it off - that’s how gravity works, and no human gets to change the fundamental rules of Physics willy nilly. In this universe, it’s a force that only applies over very short (cosmically speaking) distances.


That’s not controlling the law of gravity. That’s first recognizing that it exists and then learning ways to bypass it. Not what most dabblers are doing regarding law of karma.

Don’t forget the last law of Hermetic, that law of causation exists and NOBODY escapes it, nobody. And he was the real OP.

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Your right “Shut off” isn’t the best way to put it.
I thought most people knew Nasa does tests for their astronauts to get used to weightlessness.

@Goku that’s very true. Don’t we indeed do this in science all the time though?
Ya the Hermetic laws are one’s to think about.

Yup, we do. Hope one day spirituality will come out of its traditional bullshit and can be accessed and explored as an objective science. Science rocks.



If you’re interested in science & astral world you should check out this dude: Tom Campbell.
He’s a physicist and has awesome books. He’s trying to explain the paranormal world in scientific terms. The universe, after life. He’s actually connected to the Monroe Institute! He worked together with Robert Monroe and he does astral traveling etc. Really cool.

I’m very busy with studying for university (physics &maths) but when I have the time I will read his books (My Big Toe part 1,2 and 3) Those are books of 1200 pages.

He’s trying to merge science with the astral world and he’s getting funded for scientific experiments on those subjects. I’ve tried to read some of his papers, but I couldn’t understand shit :joy: High level physics for sure.