Karma and Archons

I thought that the only thing making souls reincarnate was karma as a “law of physics” at the spiritual level, but I see people talking about archons being behind the “light” at the time of death and forcing souls to forget their lives, draining their energy and making them reincarnate. (They do more things too but that’s off-topic here)

So, what do you guys think? If this world was the same except archons didn’t exist, would the cycle of death and rebirth change?

The destruction and rebirth of the soul is just a natural occurrence for souls that are not strong enough to survive outside of a material body. Souls on death are usually sentenced to hell in some form and majority are ripped apart and stripped of the energy they have gained through life from experience and emotions and recycled into numerous other souls. The more formed the soul the more intact it will remain through this process. Parasites, gods, and spirits all partake of this energy. Pure souls that are devoid of regret, guilt, or emotional karma and attachments manage to avoid hell but often don’t have the strength to resist being dragged back into the physical reality. Archons don’t really deal with any of that stuff unless it is to some experiment or amusement but it is more likely just the things that humans make with their superstitions and thoughtforms that leave them vulnerable to these natural processes and parasitic entities seeking to evolve further.


Would the cycle be different if Archons weren’t involved? To some extent yes, probably. Maybe less people would reincarnate. Maybe just some other entities would take their role. Who knows?

My opinion is that the entire cycle is a part of the experience, including Archons or whatever other entities that “help” you out of it or “keep” you in it. You are free to unsubscribe from it all if you wish to do so.

You have an interesting view.
I disagree on some points based on my experience but well, everyone’s experiences are different.

So, in your view, there’s no objective reality? Like all those entities only exist within people’s point of view?

Archons become strong in your life when: planet Saturn transit in a sign behind your original moon zodiac sign in the sign of your planet moon and 1 sign after your moon sign.
lemme give you an example for better understanding:

imagine your moon is in Capricorn in your natal chart originally. When Saturn transit at that moment in Sagittarius sign, then after 2 and half years in Capricorn and the next year 2 and half years in Aquarius. It is called Sade sati.

This when the archons become very powerful, this is will be one of the worst period of your life. This period last 7 and half years.

Archons become strong each 30 years. When you get 30, 60, 90 years old. The archons will have a big impact on you at that particular age, it can be positive or negative. It doesn’t mean it will always be negative. They can also help you a lot in your career.

But they do this according to your Karma and karma just means actions and actions lead to consequences. You come again on earth because you had performed certain actions and they were unfinished and because of your desire to pursue them.

It is the human soul that decide to be reincarnated or not depending on the lessons he wants to learn or certain actions he wants to perform. Many people don’t like agents of reincarnation but do you think someone born in a rich Royal family will have the same view on reincarnation and fate as the one born poor family and struggling a lot on earth? I don’t think so.

Archons are very important because they don’t allow unprepared mind and soul to break the cycle of reincarnation. Think of them as filters between earth and other realms. You need to work out a lot on yourself to finish your unfinished pending karma.

Archons are Saturnian sprits, they are the one that organize and structure social interaction here on earth, you cannot do anything significant on earth without them. They are behind any successful career and social structure .

If you don’t have discipline, commitment, patience then archons will be your worst nightmare.

And actually the Archons protects you! Because it doesn’t mean if you are no longer on earth, you will go on a nicer realm. The universe is vast and got some heavens and hells! Until you are seen as strong enough by archons then you will be released.


That’s very informative! Thanks for your input :smiley:

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No, just that you choose which part of the objective reality you participate in.


elaborate more on that please

can you elaborate more on that please

If we remove the archons from the equation, I think the cycle of rebirth will exist.
From the eastern perspective, you awareness/consciousness is mistakenly identified with your body/self/ego.

All attempts of meditation and yoga is to still the mind and weaken this identification with your thoughts and hence your illusory sense of self and realise that you are not the self/body, but you are the entire experience, everything and hence nothing.

We are so attached to our behaviours, habits, repetitive thoughts, we are conditioned to believe ourselves being a person in a body inside a universe, but in reality, in the non-dual sense, there is no such thing as self or body or universe.

Upon dying, this repetitive cycle will try to sustain itself and hence your consciousness will seek the same experience again and again, until you weaken it through spiritual practices. It’s akin to any addictive behaviour or subconscious impulses, you are repeating without being aware, you are reacting to life like a machine… unless you become aware, you’ll remain a slave to your social conditioning, beliefs, and repetitive thought patterns (not you but humanity in general lol). This is the real meaning of Karma, your subconscious tendencies and habits that shape how you view and react to the world.

I personally do not believe that the reality of Archons is an objective reality, I believe that each one of us lives in his subjective world which is shaped by his subjective beliefs. After all this is magic isn’t it? the faculty of stretching your reality through your imagination, if you imagine and believe in Archons, well they will certainly exist for you.

As far as I can sense it and in lesser degree experienced it.
Reincarnation itself is as much a natural law without intelligence as karma is the natural law of cause and effect without intelligence or identity.

It’s mainly the guiding of souls to their afterlife destination where deities, spirits, archons and other entities and/ or offices might get involved

View death as being plunged into a blender with sharks. If you have refined yourself enough to withstand that event and retain your consciousness and ego after death then you will reincarnate largely intact and continue your journey otherwise you are basically digested by everything in proximity and fragments of your soul and conscious are what gets reincarnated and eventually evolve into their own separate souls. Like cutting a starfish into pieces and those pieces eventually becoming their own separate starfish but in no way really identical or able to become whole again. This is why some people have memories of past lives from the same periods of time or such because their soul is the amalgam of potentially thousands of others that died failing to attain a fully formed pure soul to escape reincarnation. In essence if you want to evolve spiritually you have one life time to succeed past a certain checkpoint and retain your progress into other lives or that will all be mostly lost on reincarnation as your soul is torn apart for the process.

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