Karlhate is thoughtform i made base around Xaturing Hecate and karla. karla from Dark souls 3
color black and red
she form the east
her realm is the internet
WIP working on makeing a website and a bitter cyber temp
so part of hecate as well Xaturing both are as one but something new
she can help tech you any form of magic
and how to better understand magic as whole
can help with cybermagick magic that work with technology
she can help tech how to work with fire
as well healing and cures on someone working
still working on this thoughtform and need some help with empowerment to karlhate any help i can would be most awesome indeed!
her sigil

Didn’t you already post this in a thread?

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oh i think you right my bad. i guess this thread can be remove then

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sorry did not mean to make a other thread on this @DarkestKnight

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No worries. It happens :slight_smile:

You posted this in the “thoughtforms to share” thread but I don’t see why this thread can’t stay, and give your creation some attention.


Thank you so much @DarkestKnight