Karash'tah'siah Demoness of Knowledge

Karash’tah’siah Demoness of Knowledge

As I said in this post of Baneful Magick
I officially present to all of you to Karash’tah’siah
A demoness of knowledge under the command of Mefistopheles the
first spirit that I met one year before on my Qlipphot entering.

Karash’tah’siah o “Lady K” as I call her is a nice manner demoness
intended for whom are “slow” or come from White to Black Magick conversion
and requires more time to assimilate knowledge. She is kind and delightful to
help and always is saying recomendations to your operations.

She has a big Capability to teach new things and combine ridicoulus elements
to produce results.

Her body is Green ( similar in Sexiness as Minoson ) Medusa hear, dark green eyeballs
nice nude body with inscriptions all around the skin. She appears in form of an old
priest with the face nude. with Red and Black robes.

Of course in spanish is more “easy” to pronounce, due to our tongue is more flexible in
ancient languages than english.

Kaaah ( like Gengis Khan )
Rasss ( a soft r , not like Ra god)
Taaah ( like Tau )
Sia ¨( See-Ah )

Sigil Attached

Definently gonna check her out!
Sounds like a very helpful spirit indeed!
Thanks brother!