Kali showing up as a succubus?


I saw “her” for the third time last week, and all 3 times it has gotten sexual.

Anyone else have this experience with Kali?

I’m still trying to figure out for sure, 100%, without a doubt that this dark female spirit is the Goddess Kali. I’m still pretty bad at communicating with spirits, so all I have is what I think. No straight answers.

Does that sound like her to anyone else? Very dark female form and sexual?

Also…to anyone that is possessed, do you ever catch glimpses of the possessing entity while you are asleep, or half asleep? And maybe have it get sexual whenever you see them?


That doesn’t really sound like her to be completely honest. She isn’t a succubus. Succubi are Abrahamic/Daemonic beings. She’s not really explicitly tied to sex or lust either.


When she first made contact with me about two years ago, I woke up to to a dark female spirit mounting me. She looked like a dark black void.

I read that this is usually the way that females “transfer” the Shakti energy to males, either by a female initiate that has it, or by a spirit/goddess that has it.

The first year after making contact was pretty miserable, and that’s what Kali is known for, making things miserable to tear you down, so she can rebuild you.

Everything in my experience with this being says that it may be Kali, except for like you said, the whole getting sexual thing. I just haven’t run across anyone else that has had a sexual experience with Kali, so this is giving me a little bit of doubt.


Lol. Just cuz she is black doesn’t mean she is Kali. She is an entity/principle beyond the non dual realm. Pretty hard to get her blessing/energy/contact.


Have you ever had her blessing/energy/contact?


Not on any serious way. Getting physical manifestation of any entity means he/she has more or less become part of you. Its huge


Her feminine characteristics have definitely gotten to me, which is fine. The way I look at it, this entity is either Kali herself, or a tutelary female spirit that wants me to believe she is Kali.

I guess it doesn’t really matter.


I wouldn’t say she is a succubus, she is a Hindu goddess committed to her husband Shiva. Maybe she is a dominant succubus with a higher power? Like you were addressing she was presenting herself like that. You know some demons do worship Maa Kali. I’m just saying this because I worship her. And she’s nothing like that. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have worked with Kali when i was practicing hinduism and she is a powerful godess i viewed her more as a mother figure not like a sex godess such as Lilith.


Some say Shiva is a form of Lucifer therefore Kali could be a form of Lilith.


This entity is both a mother and a lover(sometimes, whenever she feels like it, on rare occasions).

And yeah about Lilith, I know in one of the Jewish books that one of the 17 “hidden” names of Lilith happens to be Kali. I try not to put much stock into books and would like to get direct answers from the entities themselves, but yeah.


Not in my religion they’re not.


Looks like you are having sleep paralysis or something similar . I had dreams like that as well , comes when we are stressed and nervous.


I have. From what you describe, the energy signature seems nothing like Ma Kali.

Mind you, I have encountered many spirits pretending to be Goddess Kali. When she comes, it may possibly be the most intense energy you have ever experienced.

Like Goku mentioned, just because this being is black doesn’t mean it’s Kali Ma.


I hear you. The first post I ever made here explained my first contact with her a little more in detail.

The black thing is nothing really. Just the appearance side of things.

It’s more like the electrical burn thing that I felt all throughout my legs after she left, or maybe that was her entering? The sweating, the ridiculous sensitivities to everything especially food, the crying, the nervousness, the loss of everything besides my mother, the weight loss going from 175 to 120 because again, I couldn’t digest anything, and still can’t. The visits to the doctors, neurologists, the shrinks, who all turned out to be worthless.

I was posting on instagram while all of this was happening and let me tell you, if you want to see true comedy, check out someone’s Instagram page while they are going through an unexpected “kundalini” awakening.

Of course I deleted everything because well, that person himself was also deleted. He doesn’t exist anymore.

But all of that was then…

There are of course benefits to this power that she has given me, but I feel like I am being pushed too fast to make some moves in my life. That’s the thing. She needs constant stimulation, constant movement. You have to be doing something every single day in order to grow, to improve. Any sort of stagnation and I can feel her discontent in my body. I’m about to quit the best job I have ever had simply because it is doing nothing for me except giving me a paycheck every two weeks. No growth, no expansion, just money. With “Kali” around that just ain’t good enough. She wants you to experience something, get what you can from it, and bounce. On to the next. Every single day it is on to the next. “What can we conquer today?” She says…

The main reason I thought it was Kali is because, and i’ll never forget it, the first job I had post-contact and after finally feeling better, I drove past a street called “Kali Ln” everyday for several months on my way to work. My last couple of weeks working there I finally looked the name up because I had remembered seeing the word “Kali” while researching “Kundalini”, and then everything just clicked.


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