Kali and the goetia

Is is possible to work with Kali who is known as a demon killer and yet have strong relationships with demons of the goetia? Any potential problems?


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She is a demon killer, but the demons she kills are the ones that are harming you.

I don’t think she would go after one that is helping you on your path.


Thank you for your response. I ask the question because I have Barbatos patroling the house, but at times, I still see other beings showing up for whatever reason. My thoughts was to sign a “house rules for spirits” pact withKali or perhaps Shakti. Hence Barbatos would be the FBI or local police oficer and Kali / Shakti would be the immigration officer who would ensure that any being entering the home follows the rules or face her (Kali/Shakti). See what I mean?

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I’ll be interested to hear how that goes.

well, I wanted to consult other magicians before pissing off Orobas, Sitri, Amon etc…hence my post. Hope others join in this so i can make an informed decision.

The demons that she kills… Is different from the demons of goetia… Here it either means asuras, or mostly your limited Self. Ie, she kills the limited part of you, your Ego, and transforms you into a potential God. In fact, the Buddhist goddess Tara, which is actually the Mahavidya Tara, has the same semblance to kali amd does the same thing.
No worries dude!

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Don’t think of things so narrowly. Kali herself is much more demonic than many of the Goetic spirits, doesn’t hunt all demons for the sake of hunting demons, and animosities between spirits should not concern you, as the sorcerer.


Love your answer.

Let me go further , if a goetia eoujd try to attack would Kali be able to defend me and protect me ?