Just curious, what do you guys think about Kabbalah? How is if as a magick system? How do yo feel about it compare to the LHP?

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This is a massive thing to talk about, but Kabbalah is a good system to work with. Climbing the trees or life and death are good ways to work on ascent, and it has a large number of entities that are good to work with. I wouldn’t compare it to the LHP though, it’s just a part of ascent. You can pathwork it yeah, but it isn’t as all emcopasimg as the lhp.

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I thought it was an interesting comparison. Kabbalah is definitely for personal ascent, but it seems to be a lot more altruistic about it.

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strongly disagree

you can do a TON of lhp work on the pillar of severity, and kabbalist baneful work is HARD.

you can also work the tree for LHP and work the SP with the engines of creation, bypassing ascent entirely.

kabbalah is very versatile. everything you want to do is in it, you just have to find it.

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קבלה comes from Judaism. There’s evidence that it parallels other emanationist cosmologies in the Near East, but there is no RHP/LHP to it; those embellishments are made by contemporary occultists.

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kabbalah has much in common with asian and african religions in that it doesn’t contradict its source of creation. within kabbalah there is both light and darkness, so there is no need to contradict the natural order in the system. for that reason, kabbalah isn’t antinomian. it doesn’t need to be.

the pillar of mercy and pillar of severity more than make up for the lack of ascension/antinomian duality you find in western occultism. within kabbalah, angels can be as destructive as the demons in any lhp system you care to name. i have known magicians with demonic altars to turn to kabbalist angels when they want to do extremely dirty work the demons they work with can’t handle, so never get the idea in your head the kabbalist angels are averse to doing hard magick. they are not.

in the case of some angels (adramelech and samael, for example) you have servants of the kabbalist most high that have no special love for mankind and can give any demon you care to name a run for their money in terms of baneful malevolence.

IMHO I don’t find much in it which would resemble African religions. For example, there is no idolatry.
However some of it does resemble other traditions in Mesopotamia and Greece.

by resemblance i mean that the severe servants of the most high don’t have to contradict the source of creation to do their dirty work. in vodun there are petro loi and rada loi. the petro are very hot and can be extremely violent, but they all serve under bon dieu, they are not antinomian. there is no need to contradict the source in order to exercise their force upon the world. light and darkness have fellowship, or at least balance each other out. kabbalah has the same balance principle. that is what i mean.

This^^^. I’ve been studying Kabbalah for almost 30 years. Every now and then, after all this time, I still get “aha!” moments where something suddenly clicks into place, and becomes crystal clear. My personal opinion is that anyone walking a magickal path, black, white or grey, should at the very least be familiar with it. There is much of value in it.

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It’s absolutely amazing.