Kabbalah magick to attract someone to you? is this even a thing?

Hello dear Magickians,

I have a question for those who practice Kabalah magick, I’d like to know if this system even offers a possibility to make someone fond of you? As far as I know, all the idea of Kabbalah is about ‘‘higher’’ spiritual achievements/aims and doesn’t focus much on material matters, but perhaps I’m wrong as I never seriously studied the practical side of it…

Tbh, I’m dating a girl that my mom is accusing to be a witch, imo it is all pure jealousy because I did not seen one red flag or anything at all that would make me think that way. She says that she went to consult a magickal ‘‘practionner’’ who confirmed her that she’s been using ‘‘the Qabalah’’ to meet her ends and ‘‘attract’’ me… From where I stand I’d say it’s total BS and whoever she went to was an actual scammer that went along with her paranoia to get some credit, but to be completely certain I’d like to have a confirmation from

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I can firmly say, that yes it’s all a scam. It is such a typical bait; “Oh, someone is doing witchcraft/sorcery on you!” Usually they (scammers) know their prey will be back to find a “$olution” for their problem.

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It does seem so ! Plus, she mentioned that my gf performed a ‘‘pulsa denura’’ spell … but wait after searching it all over internet it is a death curse, so why perform a dead curse in the scenario of attraction ? This makes no whatsoever sens

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The red flag I saw in your post was “… imo it is all pure jealousy because I did not seen one red flag or anything at all that would make me think that way…”. If Kabbalah or any other form of “Magick” would have been involved, it would have been a more chaotic/forceful (usually some “drama” involved) falling in love process.

Trust you instincts and gut feelings when it comes to these matters.

If this person actually knew any magick, they’d know this phrasing doesn’t make any sense. It’s like saying “she used science to attract me”. “The Kabbalah” is a whole school of thought. It’s not one technique or object that you can “use” exactly.

You’re perfectly correct. :smiley: You can use Kabbalistic techniques and live in line with the philosophies.

If she’s being accused of ceremonial magick this would require implements that are difficult to hide. At most I’d expect she could have prayed for the success of your relationship, but then if your mom is being weird about it, she didn’t, because it’s not working :slight_smile:


Thank you for the message! Everything is actually going smoothly in the relationship, only my mom who’s paranoid about it, and today she keeps wrecking my nerves about this “medium” experience. At the end of the consultation, my mom asked her to lift the “curse” from me , she answered that the Magick is too powerful because that’s “Jewish Magick”…

And she supposedly guessed that I practice Magick and that I’ll find a way to get out of that … seriously I have doubts about the whole story being true , but I’m glad to hear that I’m not only one to think that way about the Kabbalah in general … There’s so many other ways to attract and bind someone to you than kabbalah…

Whoa, what a cop out. :joy:

Oh for sure, and what drives them is the will of the person doing he magick. Most people would just light a cute pink candle with a name carved on it and send the intent into the world. You could do that with your mom to help her like your lady, or you could banish the negative energy that’s affecting her.

The medium is a charlatan and could be bound so she suddenly decides to stop meddling with things she doesn’t understand: she’s affecting people’s lives and she’s just wrong. Sending her anentity to give her an actual real experience, doesn’t have to be bad, can also get these times to stop messing around. They do it because they think it’s all fake and people are gullible. So they tend to stop when they realise it’s real. :slight_smile:

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