Kabbalah dark side / inverted tree

I recently watched a video that said that anyone doing rituals from any type of magic system such as golden dawn or those based upon it, would be dumped into the tunnels if set and tormented as that tree is inverted and you get fed off instead. Thoughts?

That’s silly.

I’ve practiced Golden Dawn, as have thousands of other magicians, and no one has ever been dumped into the “Tunnels of Set” (a creation of Kenneth Grant, by the way) and fed upon.

I’m confused as to why anyone would think the Golden Dawn’s version of the Tree is “inverted.”


Ignore that video. While there is the ‘bringing initiate to light so all of the demons are now visible issue’, Golden Dawn does not work on Qliphoth at all if I know correctly.

@Datrosama Do they? :thinking:

It’s the most perverted idea from rhp people. The Darkside is not an inverted spiritual dimension is a parallel world.

Samael Shemal Saklas Chavajoth liftoach Qliphoth

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It was from a vampiric practitioner on youtube . They were talking about four sides of the tree not two… the wrong side of the tree… it wasnt totally clear to me as ive not studied kabbalah but was going to start - but the idea was that the system was setup that way to lead to the down fall of those that did any sort of magic based on kabbalah… the video is called “dark side of kabbalah” …

Sounds like ridiculous LHP dogma. Black magicians always like to go on and on about dogma in the RHP, but conveniently ignore their own.


I guess they should read their Kabbalah books again because there are four Kabbalistic worlds and two trees that are essentially one.

Kabbalah is an extremely complex but rewarding system and it acknowledges the existence of OTHER GODS, but they believe in a totally balanced divine force, which reigns superior. So no working with demons is also not out of the question for Kabbalists, but a lot of people who practice have a jewish background in which demons are frowned upon. Hence you do not see many Kabbalistic jews practice demon magick, though all of them practice black magick in some form (Banishings are a great example).


They reference The Holy Kabbalah Waite book as being the only book that discusses this topic…

Beat me to it. Yes, along with anything “draconian”


Nah, it’s mostly bull. I think I know which youtuber you mean. He takes a lot of “his” knowledge from one unnamed British dude.

Think of the Sephiroth as a mirror. If you see it that way, Boaz is on the left side, Jachin is on the right side. Nothing is flipped.

Also what is the logic behind that? You are still completing the Sephiroths in the correct order, even when you use the “inverted” Tree.