Kabbalah and the initiation

How many of you havw gone through the actual steps taken in the elemental alchemical changes brought upon yourself by undergoing the hermetic principles and courses of the Golden Dawn. As I am very Grey, and utilize both light and dark magick strategically, I am really pulled by which system to use in order to attain true ascent in the sense of connecting my mind body and spirit to work in unison. Evocation check, manifesting physical changes in reality check, but i feel like there is something more. Any of the older guys who arent opposed to RHP have any former advice here? I will continue to work with my dark entities, but also feel as though the light has its percs, and believe that being made of the 4 elements is nothing to ignore.

Any advice?


I never did the golden dawn initiation self or otherwise but I did go through most of the book Modern Magick by Michael Kraig. There are great lessons to get yourself allied to the elements. Out of everything in that book and golden dawn related I found that to be the most helpful.

Some of the tests the demonic kings put me through I got through it because of all the pathworking I did with elementals. The spiritual alchemy and inner changes helped fortify my will. Also, understanding the elemental properties helps you understand personalities and qualities.

For example Leviathan isn’t literally water but has a deep fluid nature. Have you ever met a person that just had that quality? Depths and layers to their personality like the ocean that you feel like you could drown in? He can and will drown you if he feels like it. So if you understand water and have experience with it then you will have a deeper understanding and be more prepared than the average magician.


Thats exactly how I feel, you nailed it. I just seems to make sense. They teach you a more in depth understanding of the self and combined with black magic can be very powerful. Thanks, lol iI didnt expect many responses of course.