Justin Case I Can Help Others With Their Path

So this is where I will compile different spells, rituals, and sigils that I come across, use, and create.


What’s your experience been working with love spells?


Original setup
Take a cleansed blade and draw blood from your non-dominate thumb. Then cover the opposite thumb (should be your dominate hand now) with the blood while thinking of your life and goals. Once covered allow yourself to go into TGS and feel your energy going to the dominant thumb. Press your thumb to your paper and envision a color that represents your spirit engulfing the paper. If you have a personal mantra now is the time to chant it. You should be able to feel when you have charged your sigil enough and can release your thumb.
Alternate setup
You can substitute blood for blessed ink or crushed graphite, but to have a similar amount of energy use your whole dominant handprint instead of just the thumb.
Using the Sigil.
Once created you can activate it like any other sigil, use it to receive insight into yourself and your life, use it to help bring inner change and more.

I would love to see anyone’s experience with their Sigil, personally I had great effects using it to change my energy, specifically to attract money and opportunities to me.
I’ll probably post some rituals and spells that stem from this sigil so it makes sense to put this first.

*I was warned that this sigil can be used to bind you as well, make sure you keep it safe.


My experience with love spells are limited, I had a breakup spell work for me but I also ended up cut out of the subject’s life.


After activating my sigil I used this this phrase in triplicate and I felt and saw so many colors burst from the sigil. I instinctively knew what attribute each color meant and found that I could increase and decrease the amount of each color the sigil was made of. Once I had it to my liking I said “So More It Be” and felt a slight shift in my chest. More tomorrow.


Money sigil.


You can use the Sigil of self over another sigil and charge it as described earlier. Then activate the sigils together as you’d activate any other sigil. I personally burn mine then let the ashes blow in the wind or bury them

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2 days later I feel subtle changes, intuition growth, astral senses seem to spike randomly, and when they do I get a mild headache.

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@TheDarkWolf199620 Could you help me awaken and tune my psychic senses. Thank you.

Meditation and health are priorities when it comes to psychic senses, you can use the Sigil of self with the mantra


Thank you for your work @TheDarkWolf199620 ! I’m sure it will help more than one person!

One question on the sigil: Do you remember what was the sentence you used to create it? And also, how have you activated it in the past? What were your results?

Thank you very much for your work :slight_smile:

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The Sigil of self is pretty new, all explained above, as for the money sigil I used the chaos magic method using the word money and activate it by either burning it and blowing the ashes in the wind or pushing my energy into it with my monetary purpose in mind and keeping it in my wallet until I have the money I need.


-Help wanted-
If this works, it could solve many people’s problems.
As we all know every choice we make has the potential to branch off into a whole parallel universe. I know people who have visited alternate realities in the astral and I feel as though an alternate version of myself may have robbed me of my actuality. (Will quote my earlier post later) Now, as I’m watching a movie about branching timelines,(Black mirror: Bandersnatch) l have finally fully decided to dedicate myself and my magic to the swap of my physical bodies across the ocean of time to an alternate reality where I… Need to know basis…
The point is I need help. I’m posting here so I can have the maximum chance of making it work (theoretically I’ve done it before so I can do it myself (if that makes sense))
Por favor
S’il vous plaît
Respond in the dedicated thread with ideas, this thread I want to record the process in.

Merci beaucoup

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For later

I have been away for a while. I’m battling with the insight I’ve received on achieving my ultimate goal. I want to share this insight.

Úlfur Guð Tímans
I must amass massive amount of power.
I must clearly know and believe without reservation in the method, ability and power I have.
I must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

I’m scared to go forward, for I can’t be one hundred percent sure, and if I fail once I will not be able to undo it or try again. I have to work on my firm belief.
Update coming soon.

Úlfur Guð Tímans first little ritual
To bring a second chance at any missed opportunity.
Items needed:
12 Gold colored candles
-all through, not just the outside-
Green string, three times the circumference of your wrist
Sigil of self with intention of the ritual imprinted on a square piece of paper. (Green paper is better but white will work)

Beginning on a new moon each day before anything else burn the sage clearing the energy of the room the ritual shall be performed.
Light one candle and clearly say ‘Oblivio Accebit’
Sit in front of the candle and focus on the flame while clearly envisioning the opportunity you feel has passed you by.
Taking your Sigil of self and feel your intention flow from your chest to the sigil, and fold it closing the Sigil inside.
Take the string and wrap it once around your wrist end to third then tie it in a single knot leaving a loose string.
Take the other end and wrap it the opposite way around your wrist and thread it through the loop bringing back around your wrist a third and final time finally tying the end to the first knot’s loose string.
On the last tie speak ‘Úlfur Guð Tímans Oblivio Accebit’ three times.
Take your Sigil of self over the candle’s flame (not burning it) speaking ‘So mote it be’ Then rest it under the candle.
Sit with the candle until it burns out envisioning the outcome of the opportunity (Not the opportunity itself)
If you choose to blow out the candle first burn the Sigil to ashes and bury both ashes and candle, preferably in an area that pertains to the opportunity and forget about it.

12 nights consecutively do this, keep the string on from night one, the only time you will be wrapping it On night 12 bury it with the ashes candles, or if you let the candle’s burn out, take each Sigil fold and tie them together and bury that as previously described.

There is no timeframe for how long it will take, but it worked for me before the month was out.

I almost forgot, each time you do the ritual, instead of retying the string, all you have to do is trace it around the same way you wrapped it.

Unrelated to the entity known as Úlfur, here is a breakup spell.
You need a picture of the couple.
Sit in a meditative state until your mind is cleared of all disbelief, self-doubt and insecurities. You want to feel strong and confident in your manifestation. Make sure your intent is CLEAR. This should take no more then 5 minutes. Stare at the picture of your target until that image of them is in your head clearly. Then close your eyes and visualize one of them being erased from the picture. You may also visualize their image catching on fire and turning to ash, being blown to the dirt of the earth. Say the following incantation: (First and last name of target) go away! From (first ad last name of your love interest)you will stay. By the 7th day, you will be far away. Leave (first and last name of target)to me. This is my will, so mote it be. Say this for 7 consecutive days, counting down the days each time you say it. (for example, tomorrow you will replace by the 7th day with by the 6th day. then 5th day, 4th day, 3rd day, 2nd or next day and by today for the final day.) If by the seventh day they still are together, give it one more week but this time do nothing magical towards either of them.

Incantation Pain is pain, you evil’s bane, will know more pain, that will make you insane, it will never change. A name can be added

Items- Red candle. Picture of target. Extreme anger.

Set up- at night set the picture leaning against the red candle and light the candle. Feel your anger boil until all you see is red and the point at the picture, feeling the energy push from your head and down out of your finger at it and say the incantation.
For extra bad intentions
I personally haven’t used it, because I do have a strong belief of karma, but I knew someone who did and their target’s life became awful, she would come into school crying almost daily, she ended up transferring and I heard that her father had started beating her and other things to her, so… I’m hesitant to share it but hey, someone might need it.

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Lavender and chamomile tea is also great to pair with meditation on awakening and tuning the astral senses. Rosemary added to it will help your third eye so much moreso as well.