Justification and negative workings


Does anyone ever refrain from using negative magick (binding, manipulation) when they’re involved in overall majorly positive workings?

I’m in the middle of so much positive, beneficial ritual and have a personal problem with a certain toxic individual.

The Luciferian in me screams out to remove him. Another part of me says to be gentle, so that my hands stay clean of doing negative work and keeps my momentum.

Well, it’s too late because I called to Garadiel to remove him and will be doing a knot spell to bind him.

What are your thoughts? Do you just go for whatever you feel?


You can always remove the target without harming him if you feel it will negatively impact your life. That’s what is important, the affect on you and yours.

There is a curse in the book Angels of Wrath, for example, called Forced Exile, that will remove someone from your life but not necessarily in a 'buried six feet under" kind of way. You just do the magick, and let the angels decide how they go away, but go away they will.


I’m using Magickal Attack and the 9 Knot spell.

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I’ve seen similar things come up from people on here when I’m involved with Magical Friends With Benefits groups. Some have a hard time adjusting to switching back and forth between energy types. The only way to get better at that, in my opinion, is to do it. It’s not easy at first, but gets better.

For me, it was needed, because I’d have one friend that needed healing energy and similar entities used to help them, while another would need help with a Shadow, while it would be time for a baneful working with the group. You get the idea. I’m not going to say it’s seamless, but it can be done.


I understood, from one book and some people’s opinions, that opposite energies simply don’t mix.
Are you saying that it depends on how we handle opposite energies (as in can we concentrate on doing opposite types of works)?

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People say that because they can’t seem to do it, they were taught that way, or they didn’t switch up enough to figure out how to move back and forth. It can be learned. I know several magicians I respect that have trouble switching from day-to-day and this came out in a closed MFWB group where the focus was Money and Baneful workings only. I’m also in ritual just about every day and it’s not uncommon to be using different kinds of energy in the same day or ritual session.

It wasn’t always this way, though. And I didn’t mean for it to happen that way, actually. Wasn’t planned. Stick with me.

I sing to several Goddesses on my morning commutes (they last an hour). First, it was only Hecate. Then came Madame Pele. Then Ma’at. Then Hel. You get the idea. They come to receive the offering, so I interact with their energies. It was only Hecate for several months. Then her and Pele for several months. They built up over time for over a year now and I’m exposed to six types of energy every time.

What ended up happening was that I got used to feeling and experiencing different kinds of energy and got comfortable switching between them. So when I switch up between those or similar energy types, I don’t take the same type of “hit” that can occur. I won’t think anything of calling forth and working with Shadow People, closing the ritual, and then moving to Pele, Hel, or an angel I also sing to.

Yet, the first time I’m exposed to new energy, like when I met Az Jahi, I can still get a little sick feeling until I adjust.

Does this help?


Yes…I understood that opposite workings were canceling each other out and/or one must do some time of cleansing after a baneful working to avoid it from bleeding into their lives…

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No, not what I was getting at. But I can’t seem to explain it, so I’ll just leave it at that.

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It’s not negative workings if it’s helping with your goal. that’s positive.

smart people use both toward and away strategies. Some people in life only run towards their goal. some other people stay away from things they don’t want. it’s all phrasing of words.

One can say i don’t want to be fat so i don’t eat junk food. Wiser person would say, i eat healthy so i can be fit. One focus on goal and the other focus on what they don’t want.

Getting rid of toxic people is not negative.


This is what I feel to be an correct answer.

I did a working, two. To remove a toxic person. I also had planned to take another measure against this person, but I felt that would be fine there. I moved on this morning with other petitions and charms.

To me, this is where balance comes in. There is justice and then there is over feeding the negative obsession over drama and toxicity.

THAT would be justification and clear measures taken.

I will also be purifying and cleansing tomorrow’s the atmosphere is thick tonight in my room from so many workings.

Removing negative people or binding them so they can’t harm you isn’t negative working , it’s called self protection or defence ! A lawyer friend of mine once said that in process of saving yourself from rape or murder if you harm another , you won’t be convicted as a criminal ! This is the same .

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