Justice Gods + Questions

Back in april I was thinking hard of Justice deities / gods, seeking to get justice. Mainly Forseti (Norse) and Mithras (Roman). I then had a very vivid dream of a different goddess, Vanadurga talking to me, it’s been a while so I can’t recall it much but it goes as: I was walking outside my house and heard a name call to me from below, curious, I went to the area where I heard it, the ground became like liquid and a black mist rose from the ground as I was standing on it. Then Vanadurga took form and said something to me, can’t remember what, but I do remember they called my name again in their form, and I replied “Who are you?” they replied: "Vanadurga" I know there was more talking but thats all I can recall. That’s how I knew the name, because they told me it, never once have I worked in the hindu patheon/gods, nor know of any besides Kali and Vishnu.

Now some questions: Who exactly is Vanadurga? Why did she come to me?
How do I summon, evoke, and or invoke Forseti and or Mithras.

Ironic side note: Just hit 3am and heard whispering as I wrote their names down. Hiaaa there


Vanadurga is a manifestation of Durga the goddess of war and justice. She protects law and fights injustice. Shes the darker aspect of justice and presides over criminal vigilantism.