Just Zmoan :)

I thought it would be good to write about my experiences from time to time and get the opinions of others.

I must state that I am a beginner in developing my skills :slight_smile:

Under the guidance of Azazel, I called Belial to break the relationship between the lovers. The image that popped up in my mind was a standing black ox, his eyes white.

The image I see when I summon Azazel is a skull with flowers hanging from her throat, wearing a black caftan.

I used two more hymns in addition to the classical chants.

San Tonium Sen’Hee’Kay Zanconium Spruto Menok Sal’Ensam

Altash Faltu Kanta Exune (spirit name) Kalla Kama Faltu

What do you think ?


I clearly got a few signs from Bael but I couldn’t do the ritual to summon him because I have a headache and I’m tired, dizzy. I modified a meditation where I filled my head chakras with golden light and vibrated the name inanna(normal) invoking azure energy and vibrating the name azazel(modified) My chakras turned white-purple and I couldn’t turn them blue. I feel so mixed energized uncontrollably. Hoping to be a little better tomorrow.

I tried to summon King Bael today. Before the ritual, I saw an old bald man laughing and whistling at me. But I couldn’t see him in the ritual. What I saw was just an ox, and it looked like Moloch images. I asked Azazel if everything is okay and she said yes but I’m not sure. He said Moloch was trying to contact me. I asked Moloch to ruin someone’s life, what do you think I should do?

Today I asked both Azazel and Moloch if I had black magic on me. I asked Moloch what to do. First I burned my bonds with the spell (this was a bit of a challenge), then I added a layer of Moloch’s fire around my aura and programmed it for protection. I asked Moloch if I could pierce and summon him, and he told me not to seek him except to break the spell. I did give offering cigarrette to Moloch. when i woke up yesterday morning a voice said to me: natural stone can’t break the effect of any magic (I have a natural stone bracelet)

I asked the tarot and he told me to work with only Moloch to break the spell. Using a Seal of Destruction and a mantra (with Moloch’s help ) I slew the thought form of the spell.
Shapes and red words appeared on the seal of destruction.
It was an incredibly intense experience, huh :roll_eyes:. Moloch says it’s not over. Tomorrow I will work to destroy the lingering energies of black magic. I did not forget to protect myself and my family.

Btw, if you have any advice please PM or post it here.

Today I summoned a spirit from the Necronomicon to break the black magick, and I will repeat it 2 more times. Nothing interesting except the black mirror starting shining.


I’m not sure about that, and it could be complete nonsense (please don’t mock :sweat_smile:). The first day I started breaking the spell with Moloch, a yellow moth entered my room, and today I found it on the ground waiting to be killed and killed it. Maybe a sign or just a coincidence.

I performed the Necronomicon ritual for the second time today and summoned Moloch. First I saw the image of the monstrous woman like in the old grimoires and she was looking at me and laughing, then I saw a black bull with black wings that came up behind her and punched her and knocked her to the ground. Moloch said the spell was broken. He said that I need to focus on 3rd Eye studies to strengthen communication with spirits. He also said he liked it better when I called him “King” while we were talking. When I asked myself the most suitable profession, he said that it was military service (this has been on my mind for a few days and normally I wouldn’t even consider becoming a soldier)

I tried calling Azazel today for a financial issue but I couldn’t quite see her, all I could see was a skull image. I wanted to mess around with the black mirror a bit and first prayed to Astaroth for help, trying to see geometry shapes but all I could see were randomly moving lines and a white-gray smoke.

I pierced my finger with a lancet to open Azazel’s seal with blood, but the blood came out in two places.

I called Azazel today for a legal issue. This time the experience was much more intense than the others. At first I couldn’t see anything but then I saw him take my hand and squeeze it. Also, the things I visualized during the ritual made it seem look like my eyes were open. And there was an excessive flow of energy in my hands, when I lifted my hands from where I put them, I could see the remaining purple-dark blue energy. It also had a soothing energy that got me out of my anxious mood. I still have a headache

First I asked Astaroth to enchant my black mirror and my tarot cards, after reading the chant I saw my instruments were covered with a translucent blue sheath. I then summoned the Carnivean to awaken my spiritual heritage, nothing interesting happened, I just saw orange energies. I asked the tarot and he told me to continue working with Moloch.

Today I learned that black magic is done again, the situation is getting more and more complicated. Damn, right now my mind has completely stopped, I can’t think.

I decided to work with the lords of Azazel to break the spell on me. But my other works will be angelic. Working with Angels and Demons at the same time will be an interesting experience.

Actually, I was thinking of calling Azazel’s lords for this job, but I couldn’t suppress my uneasiness so I decided to go with Opfaal.

I spent 30 minutes calling Opfaal. I saw him in my mind as an angel with white wings, dressed in white (like a soldier’s attire) with golden horns. After a while I saw some meaningless words but I’m not sure if these are his secret names. Then I asked him to remove all the effects of the black magic on me and to protect me against new black magic. First I felt the energy change in the room, it started very quickly and very clearly. After a while, I felt the same thing in my body. After waiting for a while, I saw that the confusion and bad feelings in my mind stopped. I feel energetic and relaxed now. I will continue to work with Opfaal for a while.

I’ve been burning alive for a few days now and I had parasites all around me. So today I summoned Archangel Michael to kill the parasites and cure my fever sickness. I also started doing the lesser banishing ritual of pentagram again.

Today I learned through some of my friends that there is a parasite still attached to me. I will do aura clearing and I will use the Kali mantra.

Today I cleansed myself with 88 aum suryae, protected with 88 algiz and sowilo, cut off my ties with the being, and recited an angelic mantra 66 times, recited aum klim kalikayei Namah 108 times, to weaken the bond further.

While meditating today, I got some signs from my succubi and managed to go into a trance and watch other rooms in the house. I also performed a ritual to kill the parasite.

Today I performed a ritual to remove the astral implants in my body and before doing the ritual I asked my Succubus through Lilith to help me.

Even after 2 hours, I still feel dizzy.

I had seen someone on the forum use a virtual image to connect with Succubus before, so I decided on something similar and loved the energy of this image:

Today I drew Lilith’s seal on my hand and opened it with my blood. I also used the video that I will put the link below in the ritual. Nothing interesting happened in the ritual, so I asked Lilith to teach me soon how to build a closer relationship with my succubus and develop my psychic abilities in short time.