Just your regular another beginner magickian that need some help

Hey there, i’m still would consider myself an beginner magickian, i was there in this forum for some time, i decide to create an account because i really need help now, any advice would be great, really, i would never wish for someone to be in my situation right now, not even to my worst enemy.

English is not my native language also, so sorry if i’m making grammar errors.

I know this is alot for some introduction, but i really need to someone help me.

Where do i start?. I have some neighbours who put his music really high volumen, it really fuck with my peace and tranquility, i was an christian at that time and i like pretty much any christian would do is ask yahweh to shut their music down, i decided to put an time limit since it really an tormet for a lot of days, in the end of the time limit, well obviously nothing happened, so i was getting desesperate, here on my country we don’t have an law to this type of thing unfortunately, after some time (like from 2019 octuber) i learned about the occult, this forum, reading information etc.

I don’t remember exactly of all the thing i did, this is an approximation

So i live in a full house (no 100% full but would be something like that) where i can’t really put candles or buy material for magick because i would be discovered, the only thing i would have now is candles, but is kinda risky is they realize (happily i was lucky). The only time i could have done this is in the very morning where everyone is still sleeping.

I started with drawing sigil, first was King Paimon (i hide my sigils on my pillow) i first have in mind to them leave the house, so i just draw the sigil of King Paimon, and in the night on my bed i was meditating seeing his sigil while hearing the chant on youtube, and well after some time, don’t remember if the video end or not, but i just say my request of making them to leave their house, i don’t feel any presence, so i just when to sleep, but after some time i feel an very big presence on my bed, so just in case i repeat my request, i say my words in my mind, and my mouth whispering. If i don’t remember bad i told him i offer my own breakfast as offering, the thing is if i remember correctly, the next day i wake up, i take the sigil, and went to make the breakfast, then i meditate on the sigil, i actually did not get into theta gamma sync i think, the thing is i don’t have too much time to meditating since soon my brother would wake up, i don’t even remember if i chanted or not, but after meditating in the sigil for some time, i don’t really feel any presence, but stil just continue with the offering, i just told king paimon that my breakfast was there for him and also told him that i would remove after one hour, since i don’t have too much time and having the breakfast for too long would be suspicious to my family, so after one hour, i told him that the time is up, and after that i just remove the breakfast, breaking into little pieces the bread so i could hide them in toilet paper and throw them into the trashcan (my breakfast is 3 breads and one milk) the milk just throw in the toilet, and i just feel like evertyhing was done.

Now i honestly don’t remember how much time i waited but after some time, some weeks i would think, nothing happened, so i would later discover that you need astral senses for hearing and seeing spirits, then i draw the sigil of Sastan, and ask him to improve my clariaudience, i meditated of an audio subliminal from youtube for the third eye,then i call him like every single day, i would say that i don’t really feel too much improvement on that, but one day, like i call him and i lay on the bed because i feel really tired, and i don’t even know if i was sleeping (most probably yes) and i saw some hands like reptilians hands that was with electricity ponting on my forehead i then got really scared, and just did an fast movement away and well i still not sure if i was sleeping or not but it seemed kinda real, then i just realize how stupid i was to be scared like that, i apologize to Sastan, and just return to lay in the bed, also there were a lot of time that i don’t meditate for like weeks because i admit i was lazy and something i don’t really have much motivation to meditate in some days, and also i was addicted to pornography (i now already moved away from that) the thing is honestly i don’t feel like i was getting result, a lot of times i just don’t feel Sastan presence or anything in general, also in the middle of that my dad got an prostate problem, so i draw the sigil of archangel raphael, i call him and told him to heal my dad, and it worked, i notice that my dad was recovering faster, but anyways after some time i told Sastan to communicate in my dreams when it was night, i don’t remember too much that dream, the conclusion i come is that my thought were disorganized, then i wake up like in the middle of the night, but i then when to sleep again and have another dream, this time it was me going to the bathroom and seeing on my tablet some sort of random youtube comment about someone being an smartass, and then an app of tarot (i actually have one on my tablet) then see an card that seems like an carnival festival, and the message was something like “meditate and meditate, like you always do…” and on one comment of the card from some random user was “that’s not gonna meditate anymore” and now it comes the most scary part of that dream, i saw myself on the mirror and holy fuck, my face like infested with grains and my skin was rotten, and my neck was with some broken black stuff, i take off a little my to see under my neck and my body was also rotten and with grains, then i left the bathroom and i suddenly hear wings like of an insect moving fast, then i say oooh now i know why my body is all rotten, the conclusion i come is that was some sort of parasite spirit or some sort like that, the most scary part is that i wake up and i still was hearing the wings. Then i take the book of robert bruce about energy work (i’m now re-reading and practice it), i take a lot of book, (honestly i pirate them, obviusly not gonna say where) read some of them but not to much since i was pretty lazy, the sigils from Alan Blackthorne the silence and move away just don’t work for me, and the ones from Gordon Winterfield also did not work, the E.A ones i saw some of them but it had too much filling to complete reading it.

Now i would draw Lucifer Sigil since i thought maybe with him i would get faster result in my clairaudience, i call him like two times and got no result, i don’t even know if he was there since i don’t feel anything, (also i don’t make an offering neither to Sastan and Raphael and Lucifer) but anyways, after some time, dealing with my lazyness i also notice that i feel to work more on this when my neighbours put their music i get up and think and act because obviusly this is the reason i am with magick, my mentality was that once it got what i wanted i would just quit and return again if is needed, i though i was going to be easy, but boy how wrong i was.

After some time i am getting very angry with all of this problem so i wanted to kill my neighbors and then went with dratalon draw his sigil, just called once time, don’t feel anything and not getting result, then here is when i come to glasya labolas, now i admit something is that i don’t really like dogs since i have some bad experiences with them, not sure is this would really affect something about me and him since he takes his form of a dog, i called him three times (i told him that the first time that i would for more confidence in my magick) then in the third time, the plan was that i would drop some blood on his sigil i would burn the sigil, i ended up with a lot of incoveniences like my brothers entering where i was so i needed to move and hurting with the knife one of my finger was kinda painful, in the end i drop some blood on his sigil and hide the sigil on my pillow since i now could not do it, i was going to do it in less than an month, that it was i told him, the thing is that i take a lot of weeks, since i was not waking up in the morning and sometime i just could not do it because someone else was also wake up, then after some days in one of my random dreams i saw an dog growling at me, it was scary so i just say that whatever i did to him that i’m sorry, the dog became calm and the dream ended, but i still make my move at almost the end of the month i burn the sigil, i almost got caught actually but i was successful, i forgot about that, but sometimes it appear on my mind for some moments, anyways after a lot of time, not remember exactly, but i would say the fact that i don’t get any signals it is what desmotivates me. Then i don’t get any result, there are no signals, no anything.

So i just go again with Lucifer and i don’t remember exactly how it went but i think i just told him what i wanted, to move away to another site or to kill them, i also say an time limit, but still nothing worked there was no signal that they would move, and also i sometimes have thoughts on my mind of me getting angry with Lucifer since they still are there, there are sometimes that i also called Lucifer to work on my chakras, but pretty much of them all failed or i don’t notice any result. I call him one last time to please just kill or move away my neighbords, that time i feel his presence very strong so i’m sure that he hear me, anyways still getting no result.

Also there was a time that i just pray to Santa Muerte explaining my problem with his music, and his music stop for like an week (is not that they put their music everyday, so we could say is coincidence, but i don’t think so)

Also i can’t do the curse from E.A video since i would make a lot of noise that everyone will hear.

I also remember that i did one of the ritual written of one of the user in this forum, i don’t remember where it was (if i found it i would edit the post)

Some days ago i was becoming really angry about all of this situation, i once again call on glasya labolas with all my anger seeing his sigil on my tablet i feel an presence and something touching gently my right hand, i told him to go and kill my neighbours. Simply and then saying just go.

Anyways i just losing faith to all of this since i don’t get result, i feel now that i just wasting my time honestly, the reason i register my account was to ask for help since i’m feel stuck here, the only thing i could think is someone else ask for Lucifer atleast and ask him what i need to do to kill my neighbourds ot atleast move them away from my life.

I’m thinking now on to use my anger for some sigil, like charging the glasya labolas everyday or something like that, also i’m thinking now on doing the magick from the book “LUCIFER AND THE HIDDEN DEMONS A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces by Theodore Rose” as i see some post about them, i will work on that.

Also i think is that it should be obvious by now is that i can’t really do anything now that requires material, also anything that could discover me, like the freezer spell for example. The candle one with glasya labolas sigil i was lucky since no one discover me, we only use the candles when the electricity is gone, so is normal that my family don’t remember or cared too much about that.

I feel like i’m running out of option now. Please, i’m just desesperate right now, someone help me, i just want to live my life in peace…

Now that i’m re-reading all of this, i would say that i need to work more on my meditation and maybe some protection, get better into trance and find ways to forget about the magick, however here’s another question that i have, in magick when i try to forget, i just focus on mudane stuff of everyday life, my neighbours are loud so is very hard to just forget about them, i can just ignore them i guess but again that very hard so is up to me is that would be possible or not, also i forgot to mention that i also used to had an kinda addiction on staying in the computer, i’m saying kinda since i normally can be without the computer without any problem, however before i was into magick, i’m just an kind of tipical friki with videogames and that stuff, my family know this, so it would be weird for them if i left the computer for a while and maybe could raise some suspicious, especially because i don’t know what excuses to put. Just saying so maybe i could meditate more, though now that i think of it i don’t think is to much problem since i can still meditating since i am alone there mostly of times.

Also, i notice i have body reaction whenever my neighbours scream, they seriusly scream loud, but what does this means anyways?

I know i commited a lot of error in my magick work, so honestly, i apologize to every spirit where i think i fucked up, i’m sorry

Probably my plan now is working with magick for something less wanted now, will probably be shahtan from theodore book to increase my “magickal abilities” (i assume be more imaginative and believe without debout?) to be more prepared.

ALSO something that i think comes into play that could very important on this situation, i forgot to mention that the neighbour were there since i was a kid, they also putting his music on that time, but it where not too extreme like it is now, algo since i was kid i don’t really care about any type of music, but i think i dance with some music, but it literally was one time and that is, later on the main reason i was ok with music in general is because video game music, the music like super mario bros or something like that it was just meg for me, if i was going to make an music playlist for myself it would only include like 6 music and no more, but that was a long time ago since i started to really take more and more appreciation to music when i hear touhou music (just another videogame) then i started to hear more and more, and i even buy expensives headphones, i was starting learning and kinda make myself an audiophile (someone who cares about the quality of music) now i have an big collection of music, mostly videogame at the best quality possible, the thing now, if i don’t remember bad i think that the neighbours was also starting to put his music more and more when i was getting my collection and investigating stuff, i also wanna be an musician someday, now what i have in mind is the fact that i used always headphones when is possible since i don’t want to remove the mood of anyone with my music and also because i don’t like someone else hear the music of what i’m also hearing, it just feel more private,the thing is sometimes also their music stop for somedays, and in these days i also stopped listening to my music, and went i started to hear my music again, like the next day they also put their music, which lead me lo believe there is some sort of connection or something like that, type ying-yang, i was experimenting with that but still even if i just drop completely music they are still with his music after some time, i still have doubt is if random or not, but since the last time i hear music again they the next day put their music no-stop for somedays, also it seems from my experience that is not connected with subliminal music message, but anyways that just the thing that i noticed, not sure if someone can have an advice to stop this “connection” if there is any to begin with, but most probably yes from what i can see, is honestly from my opinion very stupid this situation,. don’t know if i just had to delete my collection and leave any topic of music or not, the weird thing i also got an strange feeling when i come to see or modify my collection.

Also if you have some questions feel free to ask since i want to be sure of every detail as well.

There’s probably more stuff that i will writte later on, as i can remember.