Just your average immortality seeker

Yep,the title speak for itself i’ve done some research on possible ways to attain it and for now i’m more looking into the different “options” i would say

Now back to reading

Greetings! It is certainly a very interesting topic. Since this is your first post, could you please do an introduction regarding yourself, your magickal/occult knowledge and anything else about you we should know?

In my opinion physical immortality sounds pointless and would be endless torture. You should focus on life after death, that’s the true immortality, and it can teach you much more and make you stronger.


well i’m a noob so… and currently it’s difficult to practice so i have the theory for now but soon i will be able to practice way more than now so in the midtime i’m acumulating knowledge

Depends on what kind of life after death we’re talking about

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Very awesome! We all always keep learning. Is it just immortality that interests you or the occult/demonolatry in general?

Well i’m more interested at what the occult can bring me, the practical side of it if it can help me become immortal and achieve my goals but it also help to answer other questions like why some people seem so charismatic? How about intuition? now i have some answers to that : )

Welcome to BALG Starlord, I wish you good luck in your quest for knowledge!

“Steps” may be identified, and some of them coincide with kinds of immortality: if an immortality is possible at all; can this first type be extended, becoming a second type etc.
Amongst the spiritual views, there are those believing that the soul isn’t already immortal. The first task would then be to pursue the conditions for survival, and afterwards for immortality. This is possible during life, at the moment of death or shortly after (Egyptian Book of Dead and Bardo Thodol). For example, one should be able to maintain the conscience detached from body.
About the latter, some Olympian spirits would have the power to prolong life up to 300 or 500 years. There were Lamas whose corpses seem to have shrinked, or dissolved into light leaving behind hair and nails, or nothing at all (rainbow body). And theoretically there would be indeed physical immortality itself, maybe in different versions but one is basically matter transforming into spirit. Who knows, perhaps the body actually dies, so we would have the very case just seen.

So you have no experience in magick, if I’m understanding you correctly?

Well not any sucessful experience i can speak off really, except that i succesfully increased my memory with subliminals that’s the closest thing to magick i experienced but for personnal reasons and some experiences i know there’s more than what i can see whith my own eyes


Its just impossible.Try to be immortal on other ways.

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