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For people who practice the Left Hand Path, black magic, Satanism, etc, how do your friends or families feel about it (the ones that know)? I’m curious to what you guys have to say! :blush:


None of my family members know to my knowledge. Not that I’m blatantly hiding any of my esoteric belongings. As for my friends, only a couple are aware of it- and it’s mostly the one’s I deem relatively close. One of my best friends is a practitioner himself, so it’s fairly refreshing- even though we partake in different ideologies/systems. The other two believe in the spiritual/paranormal and have actually witnessed my work before. However they don’t practice themselves, and I think they actually prefer to stay away from it. I can tell it makes them somewhat uneasy at times.


Nothing. No ones business in my personal life (which i can count the number of ppl i keep on one hand) . Not like anyone in the real world can tell, and I prefer it that way

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That’s good question to ask because I only reveal it to people who I know lean towards ‘that’ side of perspective and things. I do not openly express these thoughts to anyone including most friends as there is no need. I keep this private in the real world most of the time whereas some people like to identify with it even in an outwardly nature (which is good to have pride).

Well mom’s a witch but from an eastern standpoint she brings her worthy lot of information to me to learn from. She incorporates a lot of her practice towards Buddhism ultimately though. She is a numerologist.

My father on the other hand is Catholic. If I explained my paradigm of research and encounters in ritual work and other things to mom she’d presume some of it is needless or unnecessary and other forms would be taken in a sense that it’s literally the same thing but done in another way.

She’s learned it through chanting, meditation, speaking to elders of that teaching which is Theravada Buddhism branching off into forms of mysticism along with certain preferable Deity worship — to where the one that I acknowledge now as my master is a Monkey god. This revelation came out earlier this year that in my past life I was a baby monkey that worked under him, and for that — I am granted leniency, protection and have wishes granted (if they are worthy) by him.

He can be loud at night and is even louder when he took possession of mom’s close friend during an invocation for divination, for mom desired answers now and for the future. Lots of energy bursts that night, laughing and shouting during that possession. It took her less than minutes to get into trance and then become possessed; the offerings were plants and eggs of some sort and just two yellow candles.

I have learned from mom that she directly who in tie has a relationship with both this deity and a lady who became a close friend she met last year that they had a close relationship to my mom in the past life and must pass this blessing onto mom. Mom is possessed (in communion and devotion) to this aspect… Mum told me stories where she could curse people who’ve wronged her and get what she wants quite swiftly but found out through invocation of the Monkey God that this form of treatment will take a toll on mom’s health and the God’s merit. This monkey god is another aspect of the Hindu god Hanuman.

If my dad’s side, if they heard all this momentarily, they’d be shocked and in a weird way. Friends belonging to Muslim, orthodox or catholic faith would immediately assume ‘demonic’ or lifting veils that shouldn’t be. But I do have the odd open minded one. I plant a seed in their head, and they can choose to experience it how they want to.

Nobody needs to have any feels about it. No pearls before swine. Ever.

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Dad: Total indifference
Mom: Stupid cult shit
Three friends that are actually somewhat aware of my practice: Mild interest akin to having an unusual hobby

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My spouse know and is like yeah I am into it but actually isn’t into it…do yeah

Well… my sister found out first,at the time (16 yr old).I was watching one of ea videos,no earphone just casual and I guess she was listening after that…bam the whole family knew