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Hey! Thought I would finally sign up here after being directed here so many times and reading through topics regularly.

I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to magic topics. All I know I’ve been taught hands-on by families of friends who seem to do things very differently from what the internet does. I don’t practice regularly myself. Only things I’ve done are bits of artsy craftsy chaos magic (Essentially do what you want and what feels right, have fun with it.) Im very very casual with it. Dont really have any grand desires I want acomplished.

I can’t really say I work with demons in any real organised way. But I do feel a “connection” to them. Glasya labolas in particular, I just think hes neat and I think he helps with art related endeavours? Thats something Id like to pursue a bit more. Showed up in a dream once so I drew a pic of him, now he shows up a lot in dreams which makes me think mayyybe thats not just me imagining things?? Its been like 3 years so… maybe I should consiter doing something with that kind of opertunity? I dont know anything about demons. From reading threads here Demon stuff seems a bit more scary than I thought. I’d just like to learn a bit more about them. Seriously I made myself very nervous reading through the threads on here hahaha.


Welcome @EdgyArtist25

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Probably around… gosh 7 years now? But its really really limited. I like to incorperate artsy stuff into sigils. And incorperate sigils into art. More effort I put into the art the stronger they are. Mostly use them for minor things like luck, motivation, recently started using them to influence my social media presence which has been really good! Pretty much stagnated like that for 7 years.

Im from England currently but grew up in the USA.


Welcome to the forum.

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