Just Why Can't He Stop Vlogging?!

I get your point, but the thing is, he’s a conman, and many agree his ways are dangerous. His ex-girlfriend confirmed it all years ago! Mario doesn’t care for fundamentalist Christian principles. He’s simply using Jesus and fundamentalist Christianity for gain, exploiting believers in the Bible (just like Peter Popoff who made over $23 million in 2005 even though he was exposed in 1986 for using an earpiece to receive information from his wife on audience members—he’d claim God spoke to him).

A lot of people have now woken up to Mario’s tactics, but he’s still got a troupe of naïve supporters who believe in his fake tears. Actors cry all the time in movies, TV series (incl. soap operas) and oftentimes shed real tears (there are different techniques to achieve that), and the fact Mario would go to such lengths for the sake of damage control is horribly telling.

And you can’t ignore the fact Mario did promote so-called conversion therapies on his channel which made young people believe there is something inherently wrong with their sexual orientation, and such belief would lead to guilt, self-loathing, and such therapies are rarely ever successful (99.9% ineffective, according to Alan Chambers, formerly of Exodus International); they come from a place of indoctrination and shame rather than a true desire to be something else. Was it not for such indoctrination, nobody would even undergo such therapies, and some of the patients ended up killing themselves! (Just Because He Breathes)

And as demonstrated above, some Christian women approached him for counselling, and he turned the convos into sex chats. All of that can’t be swept under the rug!

Back to Peter Popoff… He truly did get caught in 1986, but he bounced back years later stronger than ever!

Popoff was collecting almost $4 million per year in the late 1980s, according to Randi. In 2003, his ministry received over $9.6 million, and in 2005, over $23 million. In that year, he and his wife were paid a combined salary of nearly $1 million, while two of his children received over $180,000 each. Financial data is not available for Popoff’s ministry since 2005 because Peter Popoff Ministries changed from a for-profit business to a religious organization in 2006, making it tax-exempt. Popoff purchased a home in Bradbury, California, for $4.5 million in 2007. He drives a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Popoff#Financial_details

Seriously… Popoff doesn’t even deserve that kind of money! It’s scandalous, really, but that’s what happens when a conman has a cult following, and Mario’s definitely taken that path!


Why would anyone even watch if it says christian i automatically blanked as spam like childrens cartoons gone wonky.
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Watch James Randy documentary called “An Honest Liar” on Netflix. He recounts the 1986 exposé of Popoff. He’s a despicable piece of trash that preys on people vulnerabilities. But it’s no different than Jimmy Swaggert or Jim Baker coming back into ministry and TV after their scandals. People always focus in on chomos within the Catholic priesthood but somehow think that fleecing people out of millions like Joel Osteen or Creflo Dollar isn’t such a bad thing. After all won’t god still honor your sacrifice? Ha, yeah


In this video, you’ll see The Vigilant Christian Mario Brisson admit he’d smoke 3.5 grams of marijuana per day these past years. That’s partly what he’d do w/ all that donation money. What saddens me is how many people (though less than before) still follow and defend Mario. What a cult!

As for Popoff… I just can’t comprehend it. Has ever truly healed people through the power of God? Any true miracle story? I mean… All that undeserved wealth…

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How exactly does hypocrisy hurt the credibility and power of their message?

All I see are some “could have been” marketers maybe overselling their lifestyle and earning an honest living. Sounds familiar?

In the sense that it shows they do not themselves believe in such message. Honest?!

Mario on YouTube several years ago: “Women who go to nightclubs are whores.”, “By posing for Playboy, Azealia Banks becomes masturbation material for men. It’s degrading.”, “This music video by Britney Spears and Iggy Azealia incites lust and greed. It’s all ungodly wordly pleasures. Right there, you see a man lusting after the girls like they’re pieces of meat.”, “He’s a sodomite.”, “I’ve had a promiscuous past and even contracted herpes, but I’ve come to the Lord, and he renewed me in his grace.”, “I was a New Ager, but I’ve now renounced it all. Stay away from yoga, tarot, astrology, etc.”, “It’s true. I was arrested for a very small dose or marijuana, but it’s all over now. I’m not smoking it any longer. Those people are trying to make a big deal out of it.”

Mario on YouTube a few years ago: “I’ve been struggling with some sins incl. sexual sins I won’t get into.”, “I’ve been a hypocrite, living a double life.”, “I’ve been struggling w/ some porn addiction. I’m asking the Lord for help”., “I’m bipolar.”, “Jesus healed me from my bipolar.”

Mario off YouTube just two months ago, caught sexting w/ that Catfish woman from Australia, even admitting to bisexual desires, “Wanna suck it with me?”, “Mmmm”, referring to his male friend Eric:

Meet Catfish, the woman who exposed Mario’s sexting:

And Mario’s just admitted to smoking 3.5 grams of weed per day these past years when supposedly sober; where did a good chunk of that donation money towards his Christian ministry go to?

And Mario was also over a year ago exposed by another woman, an ex-prostitute who did spend time with him (and just like Catfish, she has proof, actual texts of Mario’s). Here’s what she had to say. Please pay attention to every word!

You see! Mario would not only do loads of weed but cocaine too! That’s what he’d do w/ that donation money he’d get from his Christian followers incl. kids who, during his paid live chats, would give him their allowance money just so Mario would briefly pray for them.

Mario, for years, claimed to have renounced anything New Age/Pagan, but that ex-prostitute never once saw him open up a bible or heard him say one prayer. Instead, he’d send her his astrology birth chart and would send her nude pics of himself, just like he did Catfish two months ago.

And in 2016, Daja Graham admitted Mario did tell her he would not even be a Christian was it not for YouTube ad revenue, and she rarely ever saw read the bible.

Some may still trust Mario and follow him, but many others have stopped following him because of his deceit. Some have even left Christianity altogether, partly because of the likes of Mario and Popoff; they’re like: “Why would I follow that religion, all those principles and restrictions (no this, no that, etc.) if that pastor doesn’t even care for such principles?”

So yeah, it does hurt the credibility and power of their message except for those blinded enough to keep making up excuses for them and trusting them no matter what.

Even in his public confessions (attempts to look honest and save face), Mario would not tell the whole truth! He called Catfish a “Jeza-snake” (Jezebel + snake) and claimed she’s the one that initiated the whole threesome talk (like that would change much anything). He also denied still being involved in astrology, yoga and New Age when he’s still involved in all of it. How is his message honest?

He took his yoga thing down. Since I saw a pope thing I decided to troll this just because.

“Why cares? Seems to me people care more about after death than just working, paying taxes, and living in the present.

Honestly, if GOD is OMNI (omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent) and always was, is, and will be and is everything then it’s also…
Satan, demons, gods, etc etc etc. it created the entire schematic for its own pleasure being the narcissistic, megalomaniac, schitzoid it is. Hell it has to be a damn trinity now. What’s its purpose? To make you bow and worship it or suffer? What an ass!

And Christ, yippee “he” performed miracles but was God incarnate so it knew it could anyway. That ain’t special. That’s gamer “god mod” with cheat codes and the manual. Some challenge. Big deal.

Christians kiss gods butt so they can get that entitled heaven afterlife. And do what for eternity? Bow around a throne with millions or more of others droning how great it is for eternity like a bunch of swarming bees in a hive mind. Yippee. No point.

Worship a desert god who leads supposed slaves to conquer and kill and enslave others. Wow. It’s a damn con game each and every religion and cult. And it’s all man-made, man written, and man passed.

Ya’ll lie and deceive to get power, profit, position, or popularity in some form to affirm your value is more correct and righteous over another. Frankly, the Jesus scam is a pretty big deception by the oh so great group of apostles. I’m fairly certain that if they existed as well and the Sapphira and Ananias situation occurred that it was probably a double poison homicide just to procure riches and power by fear and shame to get more footing into this church. Hell, Saul/Paul the zealot would stop at nothing before and after to crush others in name of whatever god. His pride was to be a chosen one and important. All as faulty as any other human but had the balls to set up and try to profit.

Honestly, the bloodshed under the Christian banner is about as disgusting as any other including Muslim Faith.

So cry your eyes over the pope but The Who cosmogonical through eschatological system of philosophical belief is but pride, arrogance, and deceit. And it’s all pointless in the scheme of countless worlds out there.”

Fuck if I care what the dude does. Hell just get it deleted.

Well that’s a bit of a reach. Who can truly say what anyone actually believes in other than they themselves?

And what’s wrong with a man struggling with vices? He might have gotten a bit carried away pining for youtube recognition, but I don’t see the reason to judge them (especially if you’re not a Christian yourself).

I’d have a bigger bone to pick with the Popoff guy for manufacturing miracles because that’s damn near blasphemous. But still, who cares if they’re faking it. And are they really? It’s awkward, yes, but belief isn’t something that cut and dry in practice.

You can judge what a person believes by their actions, not their words - his action was to set up a Christian channel, while leading a lifestyle completely at odds with that. :thinking:


Here’s a comment from an actual Christian (I suppose they are—I was a Christian):

femfromholland 1 day ago

It’s not judging it’s exposing a fraud. Said it several times before brother Mario is a megalomaniac. He loves the attention most of all the money, that’s why he put on this great goodbye show. Except from the donations the total subscribers and views will bring in the money too. He loves it he is still making money of it crying for money that’s all it is. I think this guy is an actor.

I’ve explained everything in previous posts. Mario encouraged harmful conversion therapies, called LGBTs “sodomites”, “reprobates”, “degenerates” while indulging in coke & mari jane-fuelled sexting and orgies.

A lot of kids look up to him, and some of those kids suffer a lot, praying that God changes their sexual orientation believing theirs to be wrong, aberrant, shameful and sinful (Mario personally told me in an email that yes, God can turn them heterosexual), all the while Mario would indulge in hardcore porn and sodomy himself; porn, even str8, has sodomy (anal sex) in it, lesbianism (considered sodomy), and is based on fornication (premarital sex), swinging, etc.

What you need to understand is that Mario is NOT struggling at all! He loves it! He enjoys it! He loves coke, mari jane, steroids, orgies and stuff! He’s not even a Christian! He’s a fake, a con! Some Christian women came to him for counselling, and he’d used them for sex! He exploits the Christian community for gain and does not practise what he preaches!

Here’s a comment from Gary 828, an actual fundamentalist Christian who’s now exposing Mario Brisson:

Gary 828 1 day ago

@Crys Why would I pray for someone who hates God? This dude is running a con on the body of Christ, and preying on kids; he is dangerous, and I don’t believe my prayers would have any impact b/c he strategically and methodically chooses to directly fight against God. You don’t grasp who he is and what he does. It’s your passive attitude that allows wolves to enter straight thru the front gate and devour the flock; as they are eating one of the flock, you sit there and pet it, and say not to judge it.

And here are more comments from other Christians and Gary 828:

TheInternet Sucks 1 day ago

TVC is so problematic. Is he even truly a christian… Was he everrr truly a christian? You wouldn’t believe how many guys pretend to be religious in order to get girls. They even try to pressure them into having sex “well let’s have sex just once, it can’t be that bad, I’m sure God understands…” or they start saying stuff like “oh we will get married eventually…” I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it all. Maybe TVC just got tired of pretending, he seems absolutely exhausted. When he’s crying he’s crying cuz he’s TIRED, not because he’s genuinely upset or feels guilty. I bet he stays up every night… With women. Maybe gets 2 to 3 hours of sleep.

Maya A 1 day ago

Steven Stall- Mario is a pest who infiltrated this community for self idolatry and money. If Mario should of left without making so many vids than it wouldn’t be no more vids exposing his con. Is Mario’s fault not Gary’s. Mario keeps monetizing his sorry vids why is he refusing to go, I’m glad Gary is here doing this to make sure Mario doesn’t prey nor profit from anyone anymore.

_Blac 89[GD] North 1 day ago (edited)_

Bro, just leave him alone. You’ve already won! He has already been exposed. How much more victory do you want? I mean, he’s even weeping on camera! And you still decide to make a video on him? Whenever your enemies are defeated, do not rejoice.

Gary 828 22 hours ago

i haven’t won; he still has 50K subs, and he will be coming back sooner than you think. that weeping is fake; he has a pattern of doing this over the years.

예수님은 진리 1 day ago

Dude you guys need to stop judging a person who said he really wants to repent and get right with God. You will be judged as well. Stop the hate bro.

meow 1 day ago

This has been going on for several years dude. He has no intention of changing that’s the thing. Its pretty obvious he’s fake

Hobo Sekschuel 2 days ago

Mario has learnt a harsh lesson, self deception runs deep in people. But Gary 828, you aren’t fooling anybody. Your hopping aboard the drama train for views and subscribers, and you clearly don’t care less about Mario, in fact I dare say you take pleasure in his downfall.

Gary 828 2 days ago

yes!! I AM 1,000% absolutely delighted that a phony con-artist pretending to be a Christian has been exposed, and you should be, too. Um, who am I trying to fool? These videos are not for Mario. I am not a friend of an enemy of God. I am warning others to steer clear of him, as he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to devour the flock. I am not sure exactly how you figure I am deceiving anyone. My intentions have been clear. I am here to show the internet this guy is a fraud, and again, YES, I absolutely love and take pleasure that he and his fake ministry are finally falling. When did I say I wished his ministry well, and hopes he prospers? I really don’t get the point of your accusation… You say I’m doing this for views and subscribers? Yeah, people have been listening and telling me I am helping open their eyes to this fraud. Yeah. That’s good. So, I’m making more videos to keep making an impact. And before you accuse me of doing it for money, nice try, but my videos aren’t monetized, and I haven’t asked for any donations. I haven’t made a single penny from YouTube. So, please enlighten me and my subscribers as to exactly HOW I am trying to fool anyone. I will be waiting for a thorough, detailed elaboration. But I won’t hold my breath; not a single one of you who has come on here accusing me of doing this for money and views has been able to provide an actual explanation.

As you can see, many actual Christians admit Mario is a fraud. It’s not even judging him but exposing him for the fraud he is.

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I refrained from commenting on this but fuk it here goes. I hadn’t heard anything about this expose until I read about it on here. When I first converted and became a Pentecostal, unfortunately it was out of fear. I had gone through a time in my life where I had been severely abused by a couple of shady spirits. I saw some of Mario’s videos and I didn’t feel quite as insane as I had before. I didn’t really agree with all the words that he spoke but just finding his videos gave me a sense of Peace at the time. I remember the video where he was talking about his testimony and he said that he asked his guides that whole has Jesus Christ come in the flesh thing as it supposedly how one supposed to test a spirit when they’re Christian. He said that when he asked though spirit-guides that line they turned on him and attacked him. Now seeing as I saw this as some form of reliable testimony, and it fit the fear base bias that was in my mind at the time of course I believed it. Part of me is mad at myself for being so damn ignorant but his words on that were what supposedly confirmed for me that even demons that acted like your friends were just waiting to hurt you if they couldn’t get your soul from you. I’m so glad this crap was revealed.


Of course you can, but only to a certain extent. You cannot truly know what someone believes based off their actions alone. At best, you can judge and question inconsistencies, but that’s purely speculation.

So he lacks integrity, not faith. Those are two seperate things. You can totally be a shitty person and believe in God wholeheartedly. Now if the post was solely about his predatory behavior, ommiting any conjecture about his values, it’d be a different conversation.

It’s easy to go, “Look, even he can’t follow the Bible. It must not be real”–when the conversation should be about how narcissists constantly prey on the vulnerable and ruin shit, even in the church.

I think it’s easier to say the man doesn’t believe he’ll be unished by his god for this behaviour that he consistantly indulges in, that diagnose someone with a mental health condition like narcissism, though

Well if he’s being a narcissistic then he must be following god pretty close then. What’s good for the god is good for the sheeple.

Just curse the fker and be done … i love to send pple flease when they annoy me. … wores if im pissed off.
Im sure you can think of something make it so that his patron dries up and hes in suddon serious debt. Make it so he has no u tube viewers that he’s arrested for ooh i dunno fraud or worse.
Then you can forget about it

He’s still at it: https://youtu.be/N1c1MXLkbXQ

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These idiots won’t stop unless they are forced. Even after then they will use every trick in the book to work their way back in.

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Welcome @anonymouse. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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haha that was funny. lol. That hilarious pathetic man’s only issue is that he let himself get brainwashed by that garbage religion to begin with, otherwise he wouldn’t be crying like a little biatch about what, nudity? Sex? lol.

Now unsolicited dick pics, now that’s just fucked in the head man. Shoot around dick pics and, that makes you a dumbass and a target.

Now that is what happens people. “The Lord” ain’t talking to ANY of you, and if you think “The Lord” cares about who you stick your dick in, then, well fuck, cry me a river you shameful, pathetic being.

That was so hilarious man I can’t believe it.

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Actually. Took a few minutes to look this guy up.

He’s got real issues. Maybe he’s running a con trying to get back on the “path of righteousness” , but the blabbering, moaning and overwhelming weakness in his post-ousting vids paints a different picture.

He needs help, not attacks.

Poor bastard. If he actually made lots of money, then he should spend it on treatments or take a pilgrimage to some Christian hotbed or something. (Not condoning that, but removing himself from Christianity would probably make him spontaneously combust in a coke-fuled death wish).

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