Just wanted to say Eva has good vibes

Just wanted a page to say yup and ty to @Eva for always having such pleasant energy. So yea lets share some :heart:’s for her energy doesn’t matter if it somthing that sucked when she answered I got a glimpse of her energy and just felt good.

So I had to close a tarot card reading page. Ecase I needed 2 more days before my 3 months o asked her. To close the page so no one else tried to ask or a reading, she does so lightning fast and just leaves me with thoughts once I thought about her directly just got a feeling of calmness and and joy, I don’t sense most people’s energy it’s a really short list for me I go like my Succubus Lilith and close friends but for close friends it’s different like Feels like wisdom trying to wiggle it’s way down my throat. I need to listen lol.

Anyways just yea any and all stories about our lovely BALG lady Eva or others working for BALG.

So yea reminder any time you feel down just intune towards them there appointed for a reason besides work ethic.

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Just a heads up, Eva didn’t close your page. I only removed it from the public forum so that no one would ask for readings until she could take a look and decide if you can bypass your remaining two days or not, that’s all. If she says you can, it will be put back.

But, yes, Eva is cool :slight_smile:

Well thank you for hiding the page didn know you did that thought she was just on top of it lol, either way I had a moment where I was sorta down then thought of her and it brought me up. Yo it good energy too just doesn’t lift me up gives me the same visual I got from tryin to sence tim’s our other Half handler yellow energy then teeth all around like chose your orlds wisely.

I’m just now figuring out how to focus to actually sense energy it’s a very low ability for me. It’s different for me to notice energy co paired to just having emotion from past experiences.

I’m working on my basic energy output right now hopefully I’ll give others the feekin of joy and the such when they percieve me, just gotta learn how to get my pure self out there again not the tainted image I’ve been portraying.

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