Just venting

hi guys! i have been feeling really shitty physically and on top of that i have been feeling shitty mentally. i feel disappointed in myself and defeated. i know this mindset will pass but tonight i’m just not doing too well :confused: i cried over my situation and i feel myself slowly letting go which is a good thing but then again it still hurts. i trust myself and my work but tonight i feel like its okay to just be sad for a while.

i want to thank Amon for being there for me through all of this. i’ve tried to work with other demons/spirits but i just always finding myself going back to Amon and he has shown me that he is working with me so thank you. I’m sorry that my mind gets filled with doubts due to my anxiety but I know everything will work out for me. Thank you, Amon, for your patience and what you have done for me so far.

and thank you guys. i don’t interact with anyone much on here, i am more of a lurker. but thank you for sharing tips, spells, giving advice, and just being there for everyone. everything that i read helps me so much and i learn sooooo much. thank you guys for having a platform where i do not feel crazy (for once lol) and never being judgmental. this really is a family and even though i don’t know you guys or talk to anyone personally, it is so nice to know that i can come on here and have people that are willing to talk to me and share their knowledge.

things are hard but i can not wait to come on here and make a post about how i was able to get everything that i wanted and then i can share what i did to help others that may feel like me or be in the same position as me.

please send me love, light, and lots of healing. if you pray, meditate, whatever you do- keep me in your positive thoughts please <3

i know there isn’t really a purpose to this post. i just needed to get it off my chest.

and if anyone wants to chat, be friends, or vent- i am here and i am always willing to be someones shoulder to cry on when they are feeling down. i am not a mighty Goddess yet and i may not have a lot to offer when it comes to tips on your work or whatever, but i am full of love and sometimes thats all someone needs :slight_smile:

Awwww I’m going through the same thing :disappointed:

aw! we have the same name btw :slight_smile: but if you need someone to talk to feel free to pm me​:black_heart: things will get better, girl. trust the process

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Find the inner “Fuck you” to life, that’ll do you more good than poring over troubles and bad feelings. :wink:

I learned this the hard way, because outside things will fail on you, or say or do the wrong thing, even by accident, people fail to support you as you needed or hoped for, whereas an inner ramrod of “Fuck you” attitude will never let you down, and only becomes more refined the less support you get, and the more you spot the flaws in what’s on offer. :+1:


I’m in the same situation too , disappointments with people and situations just don’t stop , and the inner negative talk drives me crazy , have you heard or tried the ho’ponopono prayer? I’ve been doing it lately again and it really helps , I also look at myself in the mirror daily and assure myself that no matter what happens I’m there to support and love myself , fuck the world :wink:


thank you :slight_smile: :heart: great advice from someone so wise!

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actually yes! i have that added to my night time sleeping playlist! i haven’t been as consistent with listening every night but i definitely need to start back up because the negative energy is really coming in strong.

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Remember this? Do not forget the amazing, generous, caring, beautiful, curious person that you are.

I want you to work on you, for the reasons I mention above. I feel like you tend to hold on to things that do not serve in your best interest. You have to come first. Knowing who you are, who you truly are, loving yourself will put out the incredibly true energy I know that you are and you will become a beacon for others.

This does seem to be the common consistent thread. I watch people daily get consumed and often see the" how do I get my boyfriend back, I love him more than anything and btw how do I kill his girlfriend, then weeks later want him dead" It’s actually quite comical in a sad way because you shut yourself off, see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear in others posts and self created universal signs, that you miss the other things put there to help you.

This concerns me a little, how is she doing, and how does this relationship affect your llife?

I know our conversation initially started with my poor sense of humor in your introduction post, but there are many here that truly want the best for you. Your a goddess in the making, know that!


I totally agree on the “fuck you to the world” mode; it can get you through dark times.

Overtime I noticed that when you feel stuck a first step towards feeling better is to make a slight change, as small as it may seem.

Things like taking control of your space, like your room or your house if you can, making changes, moving things around, redecorating in small ways etc. It keeps you occupied with something positive and reinforces your drive towards change. It’s a good way to deal with stress.

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Thank you🥺 sometimes i do forget who i am- loving, full of light, and a beautiful person. i agree that i do need to focus on myself and make sure that i’m okay over all before trying to fix other relationships… the most important relationship i have is with myself and i need to really act on that.

as for my friend and the abusive boyfriend, it hurts me. a lot. she says shes okay and all that but at the end of the day, she gets mentally and physically abused. i’d like to curse him but i don’t feel as if i’m powerful enough to do that. i could send in an anonymous tip but, that could also get my friend in some trouble due to drugs being involved and she would never snitch on him- about the drugs or abuse. i try to not really think about it but she has been my friend since first grade, shes basically my sister and if anything were to happen to her because of that asshole i’d forever feel like it was my fault because i didn’t do anything. any tips on how i could possibly get him out of her life or in trouble with the law as a beginner?

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thank you​:heart::heart:

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i also wanted to add that every time i do feel like i should give up, the universe always gives me clear signs that i should not. i believe that my lesson is to learn patience and then everything will fall into place lol i am not patient at ALL, in all aspects of life (im an aries duh lol) but that is definitely something i need to work on in order for me to have success in magic and i think it will also help me be less stressed in my ‘normal’ life.

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