Just Venting

Not related to anything in general but not everything is in balance with nature. Sometimes shit is just screwed up and there are dark malevolent things out there that want to hurt you.
everyone is so concerned about the Yin to the Yang. Ever wonder that some things cannot be explained away with Logic or reasoning and the universe doesn’t care about human thought or reason or direction

The universe only cares about what its told to do.

Thats what makes black magick so scary for some that most people choose (not trying to piss anyone off) that the white lighter way is the only way

that diverting disaster with the law of attraction and things that make sense is the only way to go

this is not always true

I have been practicing magick for over 20 Years sometimes shit gets Torn to shreds there is no explanation for it and the universe doesn’t have to account for the action just has to be told what to do

thats why black magick is so dangerous and yes its dangerous its not the 3 fold law, 10 fold law


just had to get that off my chest


The problem is that the duality also includes the darkness and the light.
The light has two faces, as well as darkness.

It is not bad, just neutral.


ive read posts about jesus on here and yes. Neutrality is apparent but not always

I am not talking about any messiah.

I am talking about Reality.


What a cold-hearted, cynical, nasty bastard you are! Nonetheless, well put and I appreciate where you’re coming from.


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