Just tried a NEW (thought up in the last minute technique) AP

Okay so I went to listen to theta binaural beats and lyed down in my bed/closed my eyes. In the past when I had tried to astral project, I try and imagine (in my head) that I’m say standing looking at the door in my room separate from my body (to try and induce an AP to that spot of my room – going as far as to imagine my body lying in my bed still and trying to vividly “see” from that spot in my room…like I’m actually there).

The issue was…I could still Physically FEEL I was still in my bed. Which didn’t work to trick myself. So I thought of a NEW method. Since my father isn’t home and his bed is EMPTY…I when super relaxed (while trying to move energy throughout my body) will do the same but picture my astral body is on his bed! Since I have the same blanket/pillow sensations, etc. Easier to convince myself I’m there then standing if I can still feel myself in my bed.

I think it actually was starting to work because I could feel my energy like pulsing/waving once the imergary in my mind’s eye got vivid enough. I’m basically trying to move/displace my awareness over there to induce an AP.


Excellent idea, I will definitely give it a try. Thank you for sharing this!

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The trick I find is to really try and convince yourself (through mental imagery) that your actually somewhere else (for me another bed). Try and mentally FEEL yourself there (for me feel the covers, pillow of the other bed), and SEE you there (the surroundings around you).


Yes, I find it very hard if the location of the bed I need to imagine myself in, is placed in a different direction to the bed I am actually in. It’s as if I am always fully aware of the position of every object in the room … As if my mind is so well oriented in terms of my physical location and surroundings, that it’s hard to detach from that feeling.

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The bed I chose to imagine myself lying on was positioned in the same way the bed I was trying to AP was positioned luckily.

The tough part was imagining being in a different room. My mind kept jumping back to my room mentally lol. However it still seemed to work once I really got into it. Feeling my energy started pulsing and I felt like I was gonna actually move over there awareness/energetically wise (then I got anxious about it and opened my eyes…)

Still working on overcoming the anxiety.

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It will be interesting for me to try it and to hear your results. Hope you succeed.

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Hmm, I’ve noticed for some reason when I’m trying to project. Even though I’m not moving my body…my head feels like it’s slightly moving…as well as my body swaying (which I mentioned in another thread). I’m not sure why.

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The farthest I’ve got with this is a feeling of almost floating, but I can’t seem to progress.

It sounds similar to what you describe.
It’s a feeling you get, similar to when you pull the sides of your t-shirt really hard until your hands tire. Once you release, you get the feeling of your arms floating - “Floating arms trick”