Just rewatched that one Grant Morrison speech,

and it truly is great. I highly recommend taking 45 minutes out of you day to see it, you won’t be disappointed. CHAOS MAGIC, THE OCCULT AND SHAMANIC SIGIL CREATION - YouTube


Great video!!!

I don’t know if Grant evokes entities. Is that right? He just launches sigils?

Sorry for the late reply, the all-whiteness of the new forum is really offputting on the eyes and I haven’t been checking in as much. But he does eventually talk about evocation in that speech, and goes into greater detail with his evocation history in other talks.


If you know how many minutes in he talks evocation, please let me know.


No, didn’t hear anything about evocation in that speech.

15 minutes in and 22/23 minutes in

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It’s interesting I would like to know everyone else’s take on weather or not these entities are real or just collective consciousness

By real I meant indipendent of the evokator