Just now

I was told it would help me to write this

I was being almost attacked by this gigantic being octopus like
Lucifer tried to help but wasn’t strong enough even with his whole army
So he said I should call Ra then Amun Ra then Amun

And Ra in all his aspects appeared:
“My pharaoh, it will be ok.”
He told the being to leave me alone, asked me if I wanted to kill him, but I showed mercy after he plead
There was more but I’m on phone so this is enough to write.


Dude you got some low thoughts of Lucifer. He’s not weak by any means. It sounds like your being hit with a parasite or Ra is feeding a line of crap about Lucifer. That’s just my opinion.


Talk to him yourself about me then

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I do speak to Lucifer quite often. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said anything. Now with that have fun be safe. :slight_smile:


booom, what a response. Hail luci


I dont think he’s calling Lucifer weak, but Lucifer is not an all powerful person, there’s beings that can kick his ass too. If Lucifer could not beat an entity for someone it’s only plausible to call on another entity you’re close to for aid, in this case he called on a Primordial God that predates Lucifer.


I’m starting to think you have an issue with me because we don’t have same exact views. While I understand there’s differences we can respectfully agree to disagree on things. Yea I know he’s not all powerful, hell no God or demon or anything in that matter is all powerful. With that have a great day.

Lucifer always seems to be in the losing end of helping you. maybe these aren’t infernal but Devine attacks? I would think if it was his whole Army there against just one being someone would have been able bet this being. Maybe the relationship between you and Lucifer is just not meant to be since neither seems to be able to power the other. Did you also fight to save yourself? When I fall under attack I usually have the attacker yells before I am “saved” but whatever being I called.

I think there is some kind of power balance that is off since Lucifer just can’t seem to help you. Maybe the archangels would be able to?


I think you over estimate your importance in this discussion, this is nothing personal. This is a open forum and you came to comment basically saying Lucifer would not lose to such an entity when you have practically 0 knowledge on what he has experienced besides this.

So you do not know if this entity beat lucifer or not. You called it low thoughts all because Lucifer did not best an entity you know nothing about and I brought up an opposing thought. Not every disagreement is a distaste for you, you’d do well to remember that when joining public forums.

Since you speak to him often, ask him about me and make sure it’s him, he even showed me his sigil to confirm, like Velenos said there are Beings more powerful than Lucifer as well I think


No. To all of this

Take it as personal gnosis.

You don’t have to believe anything I say, just take it as personal gnosis :slight_smile:

Sorry if I got a bit angry, I apologize, I have had hard nights


I’m honestly thinking that it might not be him for past experiences that are between you and it. We need to look more into this. I have found in my experience when I have to fight a battle the god, goddess, angel or demon and I power each other and turns the tides. It’s not all on them and it isn’t all on me. There is just this balance of power.

We need to dig in deeper. Since this isn’t the first time the bond failed to protect and power you.

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I know beings can be stronger yes but I also noticed a pattern as another pointed out. That said I’m out I’m not going to become a target because of my opinion. Once again I wish you best of luck.

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He’s helped me many times, but he can’t always help in some cases, he’s helped me the whole day today and helped me many other days for example,

And all I am saying is ask him if you are unsure

I am honestly worried because an attack can very possibility cause you your mental health or at the worse your life.

And for it to be this serious you need to protect yourself.

I have been attacked by magicians and parasites a like. I has some shit things happen to me. Some that are better told off of the public view.


Ok send me a DM if you want

Lol there’s no reason though, just ask him about me if you want

I think this means she did hun and she has a message for you from him.

Me too so I simpathize

Lucifer actually protected me nights from parasites

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