Just need some help in magick

boops everyone’s nose and hugs you all
Hiii! ^ω^ i think i need to give you all a nickname so that i can feel close to all of you. Ok so back to the issue i want someone to be my teacher and i know i have to find own path and all that but all im asking for is someone who can give me tips and advices. Overall someone who could just teach me when they’re free so that i get a push to do more or i keep being lazy and i feel this is the best way for myself to stop being lazy for once. Please be a pro or else dont try to teach me thx

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I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, because I know few people who are that powerful, but I know the beginner stage well.

Personally it depends on the individual, but a great way to start is always clairsentience, or feeling energy and this can be done through a few ways:

Tarot divination

Spirit Communication

Pathworking (Like Sephirothic vision quests)

and rituals of self empowerment, which really arent hard.

What one of these feels useful to you?


oh i like tarot but i dont have it with me sadly. Sorry if i sound rude but i thought you didnt want to help me?

I said I wouldn’t channel spirits for you. I never said I wouldn’t help. I want you to do what you can do on your own, by yourself.


You can make the deck for yourself, or if that’s too hard, just buy one. It’s gonna be hard for a minor to convince their parents, if they even can, but if you can, it’s a worthy investment.

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:+1:t3: hm ok then just askin

If I just did it for you, you wouldn’t learn to do it on you own, and learning new magickal skills expands all of your magickal capabilities.

So don’t skip one opportunity to do magick if you can.


oh im not a minor lol im 20 but i still do live with my chirstian family so until i can go out of this house i dont think i can do anything that is why i asked for a teacher so that they would know my situtation and help. I guess ill try to draw and make my own tarot

Ok i wont thx ^ω^

you can still practice at night when everyones asleep, I assume you have a place where you can be alone?

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Hi :slight_smile: have you considered finding a spirit to guide you instead of, or as well as, a human teacher?

As someone who is very lazy myself, has poor impulse control, lacks willpower, and has executive functioning/attention deficit disorder on top of it, I feel like one of the best things I have done is to accept responsibility for myself and work to cultivate self-discipline. For instance, I took on the challenge of performing some of the 11 day rituals from 72 Angels of Magick. Prior to this I wouldn’t have done anything for 11 days straight unless it deeply interested me and rewarded me with some kind of dopamine rush, or unless it was, like, integral to remaining housed or gainfully employed.

I will be honest here; it isn’t very fair to ask for a teacher hoping that they can push you to be disciplined and attentive. In all relationships there must be some element of give and take. Not only that, I am also a little concerned; by putting that request out there, you may attract people who are overbearing and seek to take greater control over you, if you are too quick to relinquish that control in the hope of spiritual gain. Or, you may find that you resent other people who take you at your word and try and “force” you to do the work, and that may end up being a frustrating relationship for both parties.

While I am certain there are many people here who would be more than qualified to give you great tips and advice, ultimately it is up to all of us as individuals to do the work. You could have a wonderful teacher who can give you incredible insightful tips, but unless you put them into practice, they’re just words on a screen and it is all for naught. (Which is why I originally suggested an entity might be helpful as a teacher; not only will you be practising magic by calling on them, but you can essentially do so on your own schedule.)

The question I keep coming back to myself is: how bad do you want it?

The answer is, of course, that if you want it bad enough, no matter what “it” is, no one will need to coerce or cajole or convince you to do the work, because nothing could possibly keep you from it.

Hopefully this is some food for thought, and I wish you the best on your journey :bouquet:


Im studing under a shaman. Curandwro or whatever its call un Mexico, its not easy he is very impatient, and gess wat im paying a decent money, i got star from ,i have study i gess call america magia, authors books etc here im on 0.from begining to pypil. Hopely i can post some stuff after nxt months, and its most baths, siets and elementals ,i study 2 hours, no mani questions, just try and try and try.

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Yeah my father’s room

Aww i needed that so thanks and your right as i thought about it. I would rather have a spirit teacher but im werid so i dont know they might wanna work with someone like me as i always have a self esteem issue beacuse of my stupid depression also i keep seeing belial’s name in here dont know Why?

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i think hes trying to get your attention to work with him ig, evoke and ask him :))

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Can you teach me? Mainly interested in Tarot, self empowerment (anxiety etc) and spirit communication! although pathworking sounds interesting

I can help you, in pms

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That is the definition of teaching: giving knowledge for YOU TO PRACTICE. Maxi already knows his shit, you and I don’t. If you want him to perform services via him casting, pay him, don’t ask to learn.


will do

I was just sayin sorry if i sounded mean