Just my Journal

This will be a journal of my growth on the path I take.

Know that I walk the path least taken, but then that is only but a label, for does Magick have a colour? In my opinion it is energy, energy that one’s will directs towards your goal… whatever that may be hehe.

Last night was interesting, I sat in my armchair thus began to meditate for a while, my mind kind of still, all of a sudden I hear a voice as if perceived within my mind. It was a different type of voice then my mere thoughts.

I asked who it was, It replied, “I am that is you, but yet one that is not.” Confused by this, I asked further for him to explain what did it mean by this and he gave his answer to what I cannot share here, sorry but I have rules I must follow.

I asked him for his message he wanted to give me, he replied… “You are young but yet so old, like this world you are going through changes. Know it is not just you who will go though these changes, it is necessary in the ascent of humans.”

Pondering on this, I asked him if this is to do with the thinning of the veil? “That is one thing, but there are many other things at play. Let me say this, This worlds death is it’s rebirth, think on that.” His voice started to fade and then he’s energy was gone from the room.

I have a lot to ponder on this as I don’t normally receive messages like this.

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